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The Services section of the website includes information on post-loan procedures, lender training information, consulting engineers and for borrowers who may be impacted by a disaster.

Single-Family Housing Guaranteed Lender

USDA Rural Development’s Guaranteed Loan Program assists approved lenders in providing up to 100% financing for eligible borrowers (households that do not exceed 115% of the Median Household Income ) purchasing homes in eligible rural areas. 

For Engineers

This content is managed by the Electrical Engineering Standards Branch (ESB) within the Office of Customer Service and Technical Assistance (OCSTA). It is responsible for engineering aspects of the Electric Programs' standards, specifications, and other requirements with respect to design, construction, technical operation, maintenance of power plants, distribution and transmission systems and facilities, and asset management practices such as load management, energy efficiency, smart grid and system communications.

RHS & RBS Environmental Determinations

Environmental Determinations and Assessments

Rural Development Disaster Assistance

Answers to frequently asked questions about how Rural Development can assist those impacted by a disaster

RUS Interest Rates

This area contains interest rates for the Electric, Telecommunications and Water and Environmental programs. It includes Electric

We offer a variety of services to help individuals, communities, businesses and borrowers with their applications for funding or their existing loans and/or grants.

Direct Loan Application Packagers

Information to assist packagers and intermediaries of the Section 502 Direct Loan program.

Electronic Loan Prepayment Closing Dates

Loan Prepayment Calendar

Environmental Policies and Procedures

Guidance for documentation for completing Rural Development’s environmental review process.

Sustainable Management Tools

RUS offers a variety of tools to help rural and small systems and service providers market and conduct workshops based on the Rural and Small Systems Guidebook to Sustainable Utility Management Guidebook

USDA LINC Training

USDA's Lender Training Library

Water & Environmental Engineers

Information for Water & Environmental Engineers