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RUS Program Borrowers

Making Payments on Loans

Customer-Initiated-Payments Online System  ALERT

Due to recent changes to the CIP website, borrowers will need to make the following changes in order to access the site to initiate their payments.

  1. Go to Tools/Internet Options/General Tab/Browsing History
    1. Click on Delete and make sure that there is a check mark in front of Preserve Favorites website data, Temporary Internet files and Cookies and click on ‘Delete’ at the bottom. Then Click ‘OK’
  2. Go back into Tools/Internet Options/Advanced Tab/Security
    1. There should be a check mark in front of the following:   Use SSL 3.0, Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1, Use TLS 1.2
  3. Close the browser and then open it up and use the url below:


  1. If you still have issues please contact Cash Management Collections Branch at 314-457-4023.


The following requirements are still in effect:

  • Borrowers that used the old CIP system through Mellon Bank should go to https://rdupcip.sc.egov.usda.gov and login using a Level 2 USDA eAuthentication ID.
  • Borrowers that did not use the old CIP system should complete Form RD 1951-65 and fax it to the Cash Management Branch at (314) 457-4370 to sign-up for the new online CIP system.
  • The majority of Utilities Programs Borrowers have at least one staff member who has a Level 2 USDA eAuthentication ID. This is the same ID that Borrowers use to access the Data Collection System or the Reporting & Compliance (R&C) System to file operating reports. To create additional Level 2 USDA eAuthentication IDs for other employees of your organization visit the Level 2 eAuth Registration page. Once a Level 2 ID has been created for an employee, that person will need to be identity-proofed by a USDA employee serving as a Local Registration Authority. To find the nearest USDA office where this identity-proofing can be performed go to http://offices.usda.gov.

Fedwire and ACH Payments

Utilities Programs Borrowers that have not enrolled in the online CIP system can make loan payments via Fedwire or Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit.  Borrowers making ACH payments should be certain to follow the appropriate payment format after checking with their banks. To make an ACH payment using the Cash Concentration or Disbursement (CCD) Format follow the ACH (CCD) Format. To make an ACH payment using the Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) follow the ACH (CTX) Format

Borrowers making Fedwire payments should complete the FedWire Worksheet following the FedWire Instructions. On the FedWire Worksheet, Section (6), borrowers should make sure that their Borrower Reference No. and Borrower Name are in ORG (5000) Fields 2 & 3.