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USDA Rural Development has produced a series of resource guides to inform rural communities. If you are interested in proposing a new topic for a resource guide, please send an email to RD.Innovation@usda.gov.
Title File
Title:Broadband Resources for Rural America: File:Broadband Resources for Rural America: Download PDF
Title:COVID19 Federal Rural Resource Guide: File:COVID19 Federal Rural Resource Guide: Download PDF
Title:Disaster Resiliency and Recovery Guide: File:Disaster Resiliency and Recovery Guide: Download PDF
Title:Guía de recursos conjuntos: File:Guía de recursos conjuntos: Download PDF
Title:Joint Childcare Resource Guide: File:Joint Childcare Resource Guide: Download PDF
Title:Recreational Economy: File:Recreational Economy: Download PDF
Title:Recursos de Banda Ancha para las Zonas Rurales de EE.UU.: File:Recursos de Banda Ancha para las Zonas Rurales de EE.UU.: Download PDF
Title:Recursos de resistencia y recuperación en caso de desastres:
Title:Rural Workforce Guide: File:Rural Workforce Guide: Download PDF
Title:Tribal Report - 2019: File:Tribal Report - 2019: Download PDF