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Vermont and New Hampshire Contacts

Vermont & New Hampshire State Office

87 State Street, Suite 324
P.O. Box 249 Montpelier, VT 05601
(802) 828-6080

Vermont & New Hampshire State Director

Sarah Waring, Sarah.Waring@usda.gov


Administrative & Outreach

Steffan DeFeo, Associate Enterprise Director, Steffan.Defeo@usda.gov (802) 828-6043
Misty Sinsigalli, Area Director, Misty.Sinsigalli@usda.gov  (802) 828-6069
Kevin Lambert, Public Affairs Specialist, Kevin.Lambert@usda.gov  (802) 828-6080


Program Directors

Housing Programs

Community Programs

Business Programs

Colleen Ladew
(603) 223-6039
(603) 223-6035

Housing Programs
Staff Directory

Misty Sinsigalli
(802) 828-6069
Community Programs
Staff Directory

Ken Yearman
(802) 828-6083

Business Programs
Staff Directory


Multi-Family Housing Programs

Guaranteed Housing