Wisconsin Contacts

Wisconsin State Office
5417 Clem’s Way
Stevens Point, WI 54482
Phone: 715-345-7600

Wisconsin State Director: Frank Frassetto
O: 715-345-7668 | C: 715-899-0396
Public Information Coordinator: Jessica Mancel
715-701-2741 | Jessica.Mancel@wi.usda.gov


Rural Housing Programs
Single Family Housing – Home Purchase and Home Repair
General Home Purchase and Home Repair Inquiries
Phone: 715-345-7611Image removed.
E-mail: RD.SFH.SO@wi.usda.gov

Direct Program
Phone: 715-345-7611Image removed.
E-mail: SFHApplication@wi.usda.gov

Guaranteed Rural Housing Program
Phone: 715-345-7623Image removed.
E-mail: Wisconsin-GRH@wi.usda.gov

Multi-Family Housing
Phone: 715-345-7624Image removed.
E-mail: RD.MFH.SO@wi.usda.gov

Rural Business & Cooperative Programs
Phone: 715-345-7635Image removed.
E-mail: RD.BCP.SO@wi.usda.gov

Rural Community Programs
Phone: 715-345-7635Image removed.
E-mail: RD.BCP.SO@wi.usda.gov

Rural Utility Programs
Andre Boening – General Field Representative
E-mail: Andre.Boening@wdc.usda.gov  


AREA OFFICES - Map of WI Area Offices

Area 1: Dodgeville Area Office
1124 Professional Dr, Suite 100
Dodgeville WI 53533
Phone: 608-935-2791Image removed.
E-mail: RD.Dodgeville@wi.usda.gov

Area 2: Shawano Area Office
603B Lakeland Road
Shawano WI 54166
Phone: 715-524-8522Image removed.
E-mail: RD.Shawano@wi.usda.gov

Area 3: Fond du Lac Area Office
W6529 Forest Avenue, Suite 200
Fond du Lac WI 54937
Phone: 920-907-2976Image removed.
E-mail: RD.FondduLac@wi.usda.gov
Area 4: Menomonie Area Office
390 Red Cedar Street, Suite G
Menomonie WI 54751
Phone: 715-232-2614Image removed.
E-mail: RD.Menomonie@wi.usda.gov

Area 5: Stevens Point Area Office
5417 Clem’s Way
Stevens Point WI 54482
Phone: 715-345-7601Image removed.
E-mail: RD.StevensPoint@wi.usda.gov
Area 6: Spooner Area Office
800 N Front Street, Room 103
Spooner WI 54801
Phone: 715-635-8228Image removed.
E-mail: RD.Spooner@wi.usda.gov