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Success Stories

A Home for Anya

Jamie Welch Jaro
Homeownership Month 2023
A woman and her son stand outside their newly purchased home, holding a giant key.

Anya Lindsey is a single mother with two young children, one of whom is autistic. Anya was living with her parents and sharing just one bedroom with her sons. As she experienced a change in circumstances which came with a little extra income, she hoped to use it to secure a home of their own. In July 2022, Anya heard a news story about USDA's housing affordability options and called her local office. At the time, conditions with the housing market were discouraging and Anya worried it might be impossible to afford a home on limited income. She persisted and met the requirements to participate in USDA Rural Development’s Single Family Housing Direct Loan program. Finally, in August 2022, she found a house just right for her and moved in a few months later.

Anya celebrated, “The boys and I got a house with space! Thank you.”

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  • Nevada: District 4