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Success Stories

Mac's Creek: Building a Legacy in Lexington

Kate Bolz
Small Business
Barry and Max McFarland

Mac’s Creek Winery and Brewery in Lexington, Nebraska is a family business in more ways than one.

The business has grown from the seed of an idea conjured up by Max and Theresa McFarland over twenty years ago to a thriving business, brewery, winery, event space, and source of community pride.

Today, the family, including sons Barry and Seth and daughter Abby, all support the business in their own ways. Barry can be found hosting community lunches and coordinating events. Seth is the mastermind behind the beer and wine. 

The McFarlands have a way of making visitors to Mac’s Creek feel like family too. When you enter the tasting room, expect a warm welcome, a delicious beverage, and to quickly run into an old friend or make a new one. One of the highlights of the year is Alumni Weekend for the Lexington community. Folks from near and far back in town to celebrate often end up at the open-air stage to listen to music and catch up at Mac’s Creek.

The McFarlands are also a part of the USDA Rural Development family. They have been working with USDA RD for many years, using the Value-Added Producer Grant to help grow their business through marketing, media, and promotion and farmer’s markets.

The family is committed to great beer and wine, to being a welcoming part of the Lexington community, and to using sustainable practices and craftsmanship, so that the business and brand will continue for generations to come. USDA RD is proud to be a part of the Mac’s Creek legacy.

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