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Success Stories

“Made in the USA” Versatile Tile Manufacturer Receives Support From USDA

Dana Kleinsasser
Economic Development
Rural Development
Life Floor

Life Floor Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading designer of slip resistant tiles commonly used around pools and waterparks. In an effort to better serve their customers, they adopted  a lean manufacturing focus  and brought manufacturing home, moving operations from overseas to the United States of America. 

When Life Floor Manufacturing, Inc. was looking for a partner to come back home,  the State of South Dakota stepped up to the plate and found that the City of Madison was a perfect fit.  The manufacturing facility is housed in the Falcon Plastics’ building located in Madison.  The facility started production on July 1, 2015.
A funding package secured through a partnership between Heartland Rural Electric Fund, Lake Area Improvement Corporation and East River Electric’s Rural Electric Economic Development, Inc. (REED) Fund was put together to assist the company.   East River Electric’s REED Fund provided revolving loan funds received through USDA Rural Development’s Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant program and Lake Area Improvement Corporation provided loan funds received through USDA Rural Development’s Intermediary Relending Program.  The equipment needed to get the manufacturing facility on its feet was made possible through funding provided by these entities all located within the state of South Dakota.

Life Floor Manufacturing, Inc., is one of the first American companies in decades to “on-shore” their foam-rubber manufacturing operation.  This move is expected to shorten production and delivery time for domestic customers, improve quality control, and assist with costs and pricing.  More importantly, each tile that’s “Made in the USA” creates jobs and opportunity here at home.  The Madison facility presently employees two people.  The company employs 16 in management and sales who are not located in Madison, however, they play a major role in the essential growth of the facility.

Obligation Amount:
$150,000 REDLG; $150,000 IRP
Year(s) of Obligation:
Congressional District:
  • South Dakota: District (at Large)