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Success Stories

A Safe Place to Live

Erika Archie
Community Facilities

Rental rates in North Texas continue to climb.  Housing costs are through the roof….literally.  But Crandall, Texas might be the place to move for senior living in Kaufman County thanks to the newly constructed Bluff View Senior Village.  This project is located just off of Highway 175.  The first thought was it would be noisy and the traffic would be bad.  This definitely isn’t the case.  There is a nice hill        between the complex and the highway which shields it from the view and the noise.

“We are like a big family here,” stated Development Manager Michael Ash as he looked over the community room and the pot luck sign up sheet.  “It appears Bluff View Senior Village is the place to be on Friday’s for lunch,” stated Area Director Allen Lambright.  Pot luck dinners, games of pool, cards and supporting each other like family, are just a few of the      benefits of the senior living complex financed with assistance from the USDA Rural Development Multi-Family Housing Section 538 program.  Another benefit is that it provides a safe place to stay.  This complex is key card controlled with all apartment entrances on the inside of a shared hallway.  Residents can check their mail without leaving the building.  They can access all the other amenities too. 

“Without the assistance of the Section 538 program, it is unlikely that communities such as this could be built in rural areas,” stated Ash.  Many developers are recognizing the need for more rental units in rural America but the risk and uncertainty of the economy still remain.  The Section 538 program is critical to ensuring new units come on board in areas of need.  Crandall, situated just east of Dallas, is a growing area and definitely one in need.  As all areas around the metroplex seem to be exploding, there doesn't seem to be a shortage of areas in need.  Mr. Ash and Area Director Lambright agreed to meet later to discuss those areas.  But not today; today was about Bluff View Senior Village.


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