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Success Stories

USDA funds water project to install a granular activated carbon filtration system to improve Apalachicola's Water Treatment Plant

Danielle Ehlers

The City of Apalachicola’s drinking water was out of compliance for Total Trihalomethanes (TTHM),  a by-product of the chlorine disinfection process. Even though, Trihalomethanes are among the most widespread organic contaminants in drinking water today, they do pose disturbing health risks. Therefore, the City of Apalachicola approached USDA, Rural Development for assistance in upgrading their water filtration system in order to ensure their citizens the opportunity for a more productive and dependable water treatment plant.

USDA, Rural Development assisted the City of Apalachicola with adequate funding to be able to install two Granular Activated Carbon systems, a Filtronics Electromedia water treatment and automatic filter station, sodium hypochlorite and sodium bisulfite pretreatment chemical feed systems, as well as, a 42,000 gallon storage tank. With these upgrades, the City of Apalachicola’s drinking water will be in compliance and will be able to provide safe and healthy drinking water for the community.

The Results: The City of Apalachicola had a vision and foresight to see the need for an improved water treatment plant for their citizens and businesses. USDA was proud in assisting rural communities by providing essential public services such as the City of Apalachicola’s upgraded water system. Projects like this one are the core of Rural Development’s Water and Environment Program’s mission. This upgraded water treatment project is an investment in the future of Apalachicola, and builds a foundation for economic strength and future prosperity. These upgrades demonstrates how productive a joint effort between local and Federal Governments can work together for the greater good of citizens in a small rural community.

In closing, by ensuring that the City of Apalachicola received this funding, citizens and businesses alike  now have an improved water filtration and a more efficient and dependable water supply system for years to come. 

Obligation Amount:
$474,000 loan and $1,230,730 grant
Year(s) of Obligation:
Congressional District: