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USDA Rural Development Funds Awarded in Dubois County

Darrell Mowery
Community Facilities

USDA Rural Development Funds Awarded in Dubois County

The United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development is improving the lives of the residents of Dubois, Pike, and Warrick Counties by presenting a $2,171,690 USDA Rural Development Community Facilities low interest loan to the Dubois-Pike-Warrick Economic Opportunity Committee.  The Rural Development funds will be used to purchase and upgrade the building in which the organization is now located.

Dubois-Pike-Warrick Economic Opportunity Committee, Inc., d/b/a TRI-CAP, is a private, not-for-profit, Community Action Agency.  Its mission is to empower people in their communities to accept responsibility for achieving personal and economic well-being by providing health, housing, and educational services.  They have been providing services to low-income individuals throughout southwestern Indiana since 1966.

TRI-CAP offerings a variety of grant and privately funded programs such as family planning, breast cancer treatment assistance, school-based wellness services, Head Start preschool and childcare, volunteer placement, Healthy Families parenting education and referrals, affordable senior and family housing, foreclosure prevention, homeowner rehabilitation, weatherization, energy assistance, emergency housing and utility assistance, lead based paint assessment and removal, Individual Development Account asset building services for low income individuals, family development services including goal setting and mentoring for individuals and families to move them from crisis to stability through a variety of supportive networks including employment and educational services.

The funds awarded to the Dubois-Pike-Warrick Economic Opportunity Committee further demonstrate the Obama Administration’s unyielding efforts to improve the quality of life for rural residents by ensuring that rural communities benefit from projects that include essential community facilities for the public such as fire protection, safety, health care, education and other community needs.

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