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Off-Farm Labor Housing Technical Assistance Grants


What does this program do?
USDA Rural Development awards grants to nonprofit organizations to provide technical assistance to applicants for Farm Labor Housing (FLH) loans and grants. These loans and grants are used to increase the availability of affordable, decent housing for farm laborers.

Program Features Funding
Announced through a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) placed in the Federal Register.

Funding Availability
Grant funds are limited, and are awarded through a competitive process.

Eligible Grantees

  • Public and private nonprofit organizations

Use of Funds

  • Eligible: technical assistance provided during the application, underwriting, and closing processes
  • Eligible: assistance with transaction costs associated with the application process, and for other agency approved consultation, advisory and non-construction services
  • Not Eligible: construction costs in any form
  • Not Eligible: Transaction costs the FLH loan or grant will fund.
  • Not Eligible: Transaction costs in which an identity of interest – such as between buyer and seller, or owner and lender – exists between grantees and applicants.

What governs this program?
Off-Farm: 7 CFR 3560 Subpart L 
Title V of the Housing Act of 1949

For More Information

General questions about this consolidated notice may be directed to Stephanie Vergin, Policy Advisor, Production and Preservation Division, Multi-Family Housing, United States Department of Agriculture; Phone: 651–602–7820; or email at NPTA.RFP@usda.gov or RD.FLHTA@usda.gov

Counties with Agency-financed off-farm labor housing properties currently operating under diminished need occupancy waivers (7 CFR 3560.576 (e).

State County
California Glenn
Colorado Morgan
Florida Palm Beach
Florida Collier
Florida Broward
Florida Hendry
Florida Hendry
Florida Highlands
Florida Lake
Florida Okeechobee
Florida Indian River
Florida Putnam
Florida Lake
Florida Hardee
Florida Indian River
Florida Indian River
Idaho Bingham
Idaho Power
Idaho Jefferson
Idaho Minidoka
Michigan Oceana
Minnesota Polk
Nebraska Box Butte
Nebraska Scotts Bluff
North Carolina Sampson
North Carolina Beaufort
Oklahoma Jackson
Texas Maverick
Texas Val Verde
Washington Chelan

Awardees: Off-FLH Technical Assistance NOFA Selections

Organizations interested in receiving farm labor housing technical assistance services should contact a TA provider (awardee) regarding the availability of services.

Rural Housing Service hosted a Listening Session for the FY 2023 MFH Consolidated Technical Assistance (TA) Grant Programs on May 22, 2023. A copy of the presentation can be downloaded.

FY 2023 MFH Consolidated Technical Assistance Grant Programs Information Session -May 22, 2023 - PDF

Rural Housing Service hosted a Listening Session for the MFH Technical Assistance (TA) Grant Programs on February 9, 2023. A copy of the presentation can be downloaded.

MFH Technical Assistance Grant Programs Information Session -February 9, 2023 - PDF