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Direct Loan Application Packagers

7 CFR 3550 | Handbook-1-3550 | Attachment 3-A | eForms | Income and Property Eligibility | Interest Rates

The information on this page is provided to assist packagers and intermediaries of the Section 502 Direct Loan program.  The content will be reviewed and updated as appropriate.  To view the content on this page, make sure you have the appropriate technology/software installed on your computer.  For information specific to Section 504 Loan and Grant Packaging, please visit here

Upcoming Certified Loan Application Packaging Trainings

Please visit 502 Loan Application Packager Training (usda502directtraining.org) for a calendar of events and registration information for trainings that are provided by approved non-Agency trainers.


Program Overview
Pre-qualification and Application Processes
Determining Income
   •  Annual
   •  Adjusted
   •  Repayment
Worksheet for Computing Income & Max Loan Calculator
Credit Requirements
eForms Application Process (Video, User Guide)
Role of the Intermediary  (Video)
How to Become an Intermediary  (Video)
Certified Loan Application Packaging Process
Becoming a Certified Packager  (Video)


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Intermediary Coverage Map - Revision date: 4/18/22
Intermediary MOU Template - Revision date: 7/28/21
Stacking Order Checklist (required for intermediaries) - Revision date: 10/16/20
RD State Office Contact Info
Certification on Certified Packaging Bodies - Annual Report Template
Complying with Civil Rights Requirements
Worksheet for Computing Income & Max Loan Calculator (March 24, 2023 version)
Packaging Fact Sheet

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) OF 2021

HB-1-3550, Appendix 12
ARPA Fact Sheet
Packaging Phase 1 Application Submittal Cover Letter for ARPA - Revision date: 02/14/23
Packaging Required Disclosure Letter for ARPA - Revision date: 02/14/23
ARPA Stacking Order Checklist (required for intermediaries) - Revision date: 02/14/23
ARPA Worksheet for Computing Income (February 14, 2023 version)
ARPA Training Presentation (May 25, 2021 version)

ARPA loan application is available at: https://rdhomeloans.usda.gov


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