Rural Workforce Innovation Network

USDA established the Rural Workforce Innovation Network (RWIN) to create a forum for public and private partners to help increase access to workforce opportunities across rural America.

This network represents governmental entities, colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations, and private businesses that are actively working to improve workforce development in their local communities.

RWIN helps rural leaders collaborate to:

  • Build new partnerships;
  • Develop tools and resources to meet the needs of rural employers and employees; and
  • Share and identify information on emerging trends, best practices, and workforce development resources.

Workforce Development and Rural Prosperity

USDA is committed to being a strong partner to grassroots leaders in creating and improving access to jobs in America’s rural towns and communities.

Through the Rural Workforce Innovation Network (RWIN), USDA highlights Rural Development programs and other Agency resources for local leaders that can be used to develop the rural workforce in their communities.

RWIN ensures that as USDA helps to finance rural infrastructure and community development projects, communities will also have trained workforces to support economic prosperity.

RWIN Workshops

RWIN hosts monthly virtual workshops to share strategies to identify and address workforce needs, share best practices and build a network to collaborate on workforce issues. 

Virtual Workshop

Federal Training Resources to Build a Stronger Rural Workforce Thursday, March 11 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time

In this workshop, representatives from USDA Rural Development, USDA Food and Nutrition Services and the U.S. Department of Labor will present Federal resources that rural leaders can use to foster workforce training and skill development for individuals in their communities.

Past Workshops

  • In this workshop representatives from USDA, the U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Economic Development Administration will explore Federal resources and opportunities that can be used to provide relief to America’s rural workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic.Workshop Recording

  • In this workshop, USDA Rural Development, the Center on Rural Innovation and members of the Rural Workforce Innovation Network (RWIN) discuss broadband funding opportunities and strategies that can be used to support workforce development in rural America. Workshop Recording

The Network

RWIN is currently comprised of more than 100 members, each representing rural governmental entities, colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations and private businesses as well as individuals.

USDA encourages any individual or group that has an interest in improving the workforce in their community to join. To become a member, please click 'Join' below.

Tools and Resources

Please submit questions about the Rural Workforce Innovation Network to