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Alaska Contacts

Alaska Rural Development State Office
800 East Palmer-Wasilla Hwy, Suite 201
Palmer, AK 99645-6539
Main Phone: (907) 761-7705
Main Fax: (907) 761-7783

State Director: Julia Hnilicka  

Colleen J. Dow
Deputy State Director
Office: (907) 761-7704 Cell: (907)795-3009

Amy Milburn
Director, Single Family Housing
Office: (907) 283-6640 ext. 101 

Robert Chambers
Director, Community Facilities & Water and Environmental Programs & Business Programs
Office: (907) 761-7770 Cell: (907) 982-8641

Natalie Wagner
Civil Engineer
Office: (907) 761-7777

Complete Listing of Alaska Area Offices