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Kansas Contacts

USDA Rural Development Staff        
State Director's Staff &        
Administrative Programs Title Phone Number Ext.  Office
Christy Davis State Director


Dan Fischer Deputy State Director 785-271-2737   Topeka
Malissa Cole Administrative Officer 785-271-2790   Topeka
Allen Pickert Public Information Officer 785-271-2701   Topeka
Katherine Hazard Management Program Analyst 785-271-2702   Topeka
Business Programs  Title  Phone Number Ext. Office
David Kramer

Business Programs Director



Doug Bruggeman


Business Programs Specialist

785-624-3234   Hays
Nancy Pletcher


Business Programs Specialist

785-271-2733   Topeka
Travis Snider


Business Programs Specialist

316-282-3477   Newton
Jennifer Yarbrough


Business Programs Specialist


William Fritz Business Programs Specialist 620-380-3112   Iola
Leslie Dexter Business Programs Technician 785-624-3249   Hays
Community Programs  Title Phone Number Ext. Office
Dan Fischer Acting Community Programs Director 785-271-2737  


Muhammad Khan Engineer 785-271-2729   Topeka
David Barber Community Programs Specialist 785-624-3243   Hays
Mike Billings Community Programs Specialist 620-380-3109   Iola
Beverly Howard Community Programs Technician 785-271-2734   Topeka
Scott Bannister Community Programs Specialist 316-282-3473   Newton
Sandy Ring Community Programs Specialist 316-282-3480   Newton
Austin Masters Community Programs Specialist 785-271-2731Image removed.   Topeka
Sarah Hopkins Community Programs Specialist 785-271-2760Image removed.   Topeka
Loretta Zordel Community Programs Specialist 785-624-3241   Hays
Program Support Services Title  Phone Number Ext. Office
  Program Support Director      
Single Family Housing  Title  Phone Number Ext. Office
Tracy McCubbin Single Family Housing Director 785-624-3244Image removed.   Hays
Macy Taylor Single Family Housing Specialist 785-624-0237   Hays
Holly Schmidt Single Family Housing Specialist 785-624-3249   Hays
Stacey York Single Family Housing Specialist 785-624-3239Image removed.   Hays
Paul Myers Single Family Housing Technician 785-624-3236Image removed.   Hays
Dawn Neuhalfen Single Family Housing Specialist 785-271-2711Image removed.   Topeka
Julie Peterman Single Family Housing Specialist 316-282-3478Image removed.   Newton
Jeremy Barton Single Family Housing Specialist 316-282-3481   Newton
Annette Carstenson Single Family Housing Technician 785-271-2726Image removed.   Topeka
Trenton Henningsen Single Family Housing Specialist 785-624-3246Image removed.   Hays
Debra Clough-Schmitz Single Family Housing Technician 785-271-2714   Topeka
Seth Greenwood Pathways Intern 316-282-3476   Newton
For Multi-Family Housing Or Other Questions 1-833-ONE-USDA Ask.USDA.gov askusda@usda.gov