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Missouri Contacts

The Missouri State Office, located in Columbia, Missouri, administers USDA Rural Development programs through four area offices and 20 sub-area offices throughout the state. Rural Development field representatives are committed to serving individuals, businesses, units of government, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, lenders, real estate professionals, and others looking for information and assistance with Rural Development programs and initiatives.

Missouri State Office

601 Business Loop 70 West
Parkade Center, Suite 235
Columbia, MO 65203
Phone: (573) 876-0976
General Email: RDMissouri@usda.gov

State Director's Office
   Kyle Wilkens,
State Director
   Phone: (573) 876-0976 | Email: kyle.wilkens@usda.gov

Public Affairs
Public Affairs Specialist
   Phone: (573) 876-0976 | Email: 


Program Contacts

Housing Programs

   General Home Purchase and Home Repair Inquiries
   Phone: (573) 876-0990
   E-mail: rd.mo.questions@usda.gov

   Lindsay Cheek, Single Family Housing Program Director
   Phone: (573) 876-9326 | Email: lindsay.cheek@usda.gov

Community Programs

   D Clark Thomas, Community Programs Director
   Phone: (573) 876-0995 | Email: clark.thomas@usda.gov

Business & Cooperative Programs

   Matt Moore, Business Programs Director
   Phone: (573) 876-9321 | Email: matt.moore2@usda.gov


Local Offices

To locate the office nearest you, please refer to the map of USDA Rural Development Missouri offices.