Arizona Contacts

230 North First Avenue, Suite 206
Phoenix, AZ  85003-1706
MAIN LINE:................................ 602-280-8701
FAX:........................................... 855-699-8035
TDD:........................................... 602-280-8705
OFFICE OF THE STATE DIRECTOR | Office: 602-280-8701 | Fax:  855-699-8035
Jack Smith, State Director
Nancy Conway, Secretary/PIC/MCO/Civil Rights Coordinator 
Dianna Jennings, Special Projects Coordinator 
RURAL HOUSING STAFF | Office: 602-280-8701 | Fax: 855-699-8035
Jenny Gjovik, Housing Program Director 
Single-Family Housing Staff
Christie Brooks, SFH Specialist
Multi-Family Housing Staff
Justin Hilary, MFH Specialist 
Jamie Shaver, MFH Specialist 
BUSINESS & COOPERATIVE PROGRAMS | Office: 602-280-8715; Fax: 855-699-8035
Gary Mack, Business & Cooperatives Programs Director 
Clint Kaasa, B&CP Specialist 
Jennifer Burton, B&CP Specialist 
Gregg Humphries, B&CP Specialist 
COMMUNITY PROGRAMS | Office: 602-280-8745 | Fax: 855-699-8035
Jeff Hays, Community Programs Director 
Mike Luecker, Civil Engineer 
Debra Stewart, CP Specialist 
Vanessa Garcia, CP Specialist 
Robert Lanford, CP Specialist 
Chad Cole, Architect 
PRESCOTT VALLEY AREA OFFICE (Counties: Coconino, Gila, & Yavapai)
8841 E. Florentine, Suite A, Prescott Valley, AZ  86314
Office:  928-759-9301, ext. 4   Fax: 855-699-8036
Donna Hastings, Area Director 
Don Irby, RD Coordinator 
Michael Dean, Community Programs Specialist 
Maria Allen, Area Technician 
Shelagh McLaughlin, Pathways Student Intern 
SHOW LOW (Sub-Area Office) (Counties:  Apache, Gila, & Navajo)
1801 West Deuce of Clubs, Suite 120, Show Low, AZ  85901
Office:  928-532-2270 |  Fax: 855-699-8047
Bryant Herrera, Area Specialist 
Loretta Orona, Community Programs Specialist 
FLAGSTAFF (Satellite Office) (Counties:  Apache, Navajo, & Coconino)
1585 South Plaza Way, Suite 120, Flagstaff, AZ  86001
Office:  928-774-2401 Ext. 4  | Fax: 855-848-4350
Freddie Hatathalie, Area Specialist 
Julia Caputo, Pathways Student Intern
ST. MICHAELS (Satellite Office) (Counties: Apache, AZ; McKinley & San Juan, NM; & San Juan, UT)
St. Michaels Professional Plaza, Hwy. 264, P.O. Box 859, St. Michaels, AZ  86511
Office:  928-871-5038 Ext. 3 |  Fax:  855-801-5592
Shirley Yazzie, Area Specialist 
Carol Nelson, Area Specialist 
PHOENIX AREA OFFICE (Counties:  Maricopa, Yavapai, Pinal)
230 N. First Avenue, Suite 206, Phoenix, AZ 85003-1706
Office:  602-285-6370 |  Fax:  855-450-5762
Jerry Cordova, Area Specialist 
Joyce Dunker, Area Technician 
Mark Chamness, Area Technician 
YUMA (Sub-Area Office) (Counties:  LaPaz, Yuma)
2197 S. 4th Avenue, Suite 104, Yuma, AZ  85364
Office:  928-782-0860, Ext. 4  | Fax: 855-450-5762
Godfrey Hinds, Area Director 
Zeila Zambrano, Area Specialist 
Maria Urias, Area Specialist 
Leisa Curtis, Community Programs Specialist 
Francis Gastelo, Area Specialist 
Cecilia Chavez, Area Technician 
WILLCOX AREA OFFICE (Cochise, Graham, Greenlee)
658 North Bisbee Avenue, Willcox, AZ  85643
Office:  520-384-3529, -3520, Ext. 4  |  Fax: 855-801-5593
Sergio Garcia, Area Specialist 
Janet Vanderpool, Area Specialist 
Jeff Hooper, Community Programs Specialist 
GREEN VALLEY (Sub-Area Office)
(County:  Santa Cruz, Pima)
1131 S. La Canada, Suite 203, Green Valley, AZ 85614
Office:  520-648-1769 |  Fax: 866-698-6278
Susan Reising, Area Director 
Gaby Pacheco, Area Specialist 
JoAnne Styborski, Multi-Family Housing Specialist 
Nora Valenzuela, Multi-Family Housing Specialist 
Sonia Romero, Area Technician 
Yanira Rodriguez-Crawford, Area Technician