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Vermont Contacts

Vermont & New Hampshire State Office

87 State Street, Suite 324
P.O. Box 249 Montpelier, VT 05601
(802) 828-6080

Sarah Waring, Vermont and New Hampshire State Director

Administrative & Outreach

Steffan DeFeo, Associate Enterprise Director, Steffan.Defeo@usda.gov (802) 828-6043
Jon-Michael Muise, Southern Vermont Area Director, Jon.Muise@usda.gov (802) 689-3026
Misty Sinsigalli, Northern Vermont Area Director, Misty.Sinsigalli@usda.gov (802) 828-6069
Kevin Lambert, Public Affairs Specialist, Kevin.Lambert@usda.gov (802) 828-6080


Business Programs

Ken Yearman, Business Programs Director, Kenneth.Yearman@usda.gov (802) 828-6070
Susi Poland, Business Programs Specialist, Susan.Poland@usda.gov (802) 828-6002
Tyler Sweeten, Business Programs Specialist, Tyler.Sweeten@usda.gov (802) 828-6028
Scott Jullian, Business Programs Specialist, Scott.Jullian@usda.gov (802) 828-6071
Cindi Gelinas, Business Programs Technician, cindi.gelinas@usda.gov (603) 223-6037


Community Programs

Eric Law, Community Programs Director, Eric.Law@usda.gov (802) 828-6033
Rebecca Schrader, Lead Community Programs Specialist, Rebecca.Schrader@usda.gov (802) 828-6032
Jon Harries, State Engineer, Jonathan.Harries@usda.gov (802) 828-6035
Tracy Montminy, State Architect, Tracy.Montminy@usda.gov (802) 828-6057
Dianne Drown, Community Programs Specialist, Dianne.Drown@usda.gov (802) 424-3159
Brent Ward, Community Programs Technician, Brent.Ward@usda.gov (802) 828-6012
Andrea Ansevin-Allen, Community Programs Specialist, Andrea.AnsevinAllen@usda.gov (603) 223-6057
Shaun Fielder, Community Programs Specialist, Shaun.Fielder@usda.gov (802) 828-6034
Lorie Gauthier, Community Programs Technician, Lorie.Gauthier@usda.gov (802) 689-3031
Deirdre Davis, Community Programs Technician, Deirdre.Davis@usda.gov (603) 223-6051
Rena Peck, Community Programs Specialist, Rena.Peck@usda.gov (603) 901-3013
Alexander Gauthier, Community Programs Specialist, Alexander.Gauthier@usda.gov (802) 689-3034


Housing Programs

Jon-Michael Muise, Housing Program Director, Jon.Muise@usda.gov (802) 689-3026
Colleen Ladew, Single-Family Housing Specialist, Colleen.Ladew@usda.gov (603) 223-6039
Janice LeBlanc, Single-Family Housing Specialist, Janice.LeBlanc@usda.gov (802) 424-3151
Tracy Rexford, Single-Family Housing Specialist, Tracy.Rexford@usda.gov (802) 828-6006
Karen Flye, Single-Family Housing Technician, Karen.Flye@usda.gov (802) 828-6005

National Office

Multi-Family Housing Programs

Guaranteed Housing