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Idaho Contacts

Idaho State Office Contacts
9173 West Barnes Drive, Suite A1, Boise, ID 83709
(208) 378-5600 Ext. 2

Idaho State DirectorRichard Rush 

Assistant to the State Director, VACANT 
Deputy State Director, VACANT 

Public Affairs - Public Information Officer & Tribal Coordinator, Angelina Rios Office: (208) 378-5609 
Rural Development Tribal Relations Page

Administrative Staff
Administrative Program Director: Carri Hessman Office: (208) 378-5602
Management Program Analyst: VACANT

Business Programs
Program Director:
Tim Wheeler Office: (208) 327-6463
Business Program Specialist: Linda Miller Office: (208) 378-5623
Grants Management Specialist (REAP): Libby Harris Office: (208) 378-5615

Community Programs
Program Director:
Noel LaRoque Office: (208) 378-5619
Loan Assistant: Rickey Cagnolatti Office: (208) 378-5618
Civil Engineer: Kent Erickson Office: (208) 327-6462
Civil Engineer: Kevin Ryan  Office: (208) 378-5617

Single Family Housing Programs 
Program Director:
Shawn Cafferty Office: (208) 690-3539
State Housing Loan Specialist: Carol Malmberg-Chadwick Office: (208) 378-5628

Telecom Programs
General Field Representative
(Idaho & Montana), Peter Hawkes Business Cell: (208) 339-1104

Area Offices

Northern Idaho Area Office
7830 Meadowlark Way, Suite C3, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815
(208) 762-4939

Area Director: Howard Lunderstadt Office: (208) 209-4367
SFH Loan Specialist: Michelle Day Office: (208) 209-4349
Business Program Specialist: Shelly Noordam Office: (208) 209-4360
Community Program Specialist: Tracey Daelyn Office: (208) 209-4364
Community Program Specialist: Amanda Zweifel Office: (208) 209-4363  

Western Idaho Area Office
2208 E. Chicago Street, Suite C, Caldwell, ID 83605
(208) 779-3458

Area Director: VACANT
Area Specialist: VACANT
Community Program Specialist: Noe Ramirez Office: (208) 779-3440
Community Program Specialist: April Tyson Office: (208) 779-3442
Loan Specialist (Housing): VACANT
Business Program Specialist: VACANT

Central Idaho Area Office
1441 Fillmore, Suite C, Twin Falls, ID 83301
(208) 733-5380 Ext. 4

Area Director: VACANT
Area Specialist: VACANT
Area Specialist: Jose Sanchez Figueroa (208) 944-3746
Business Program Specialist: Jeremy French (208) 944-3754
Loan Specialist: Robert Fisher (208) 944-3747

Eastern Idaho Area Office
725 Jensen Grove Drive, Suite 1, Blackfoot, ID 83221
(208) 785-2090 Ext. 4

Area Director: Taylor Pratt Office: (208) 690-3535
Area Specialist: VACANT
Single Family Housing Loan Assistant: Stephanie Keller Office: (208) 690-3536
Community Program Specialist, VACANT
Community Program Loan Assistant: Amy Christman Office: (208) 690-3540
Business Program Specialist, Nathan Drake  Office: (208) 690-3537

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