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Success Stories

#1 Selling Car Crusher on the Market Benefits From Making Energy Efficiency Improvements

Dana Kleinsasser
car crusher

OVB Holdings, LLC dba Overbuilt, based in Huron, SD,  manufactures heavy machinery including car crushers and balers/loggers.  Overbuilt and its products have been around since 1996.  They produce top-quality, high-performance equipment for auto salvage yards and scrap metal recyclers.  In fact, they are the number one selling car crusher on the market. 

Overbuilt obtained $22,882 in grant funding through USDA’s Rural Development’s Rural Energy for America Program to purchase and install LED lighting in the manufacturer’s building.  The project included replacing 90 lights, including in the break room, entrance areas, offices, and the warehouse. 

Matt Moeding, President of OVB Holdings, LLC, said, “It was a no brainer for me to move forward with making energy efficient improvements to the business.  The old warehouse lights used to take 20 minutes to warm-up before reaching full brightness.  The new lights are three times brighter and do not project a large amount of heat, providing overall energy savings.” 

The federal funds were leveraged with a $65,000 private/commercial commitment and a $3,649 applicant contribution.  The total project cost was $91,531.

This project will realize $24,669 per year in savings, and will save 439,859 kWh of electricity per year (83.09%), which is enough electricity to power 40 homes. 


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