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Success Stories

Artist Finds a Way to Continue Painting

Djinni Yancey
Artist John Welch standing in front of his colorful art in an exhibit.

A few years ago, artist John Welch was renting a small house in Helper, Utah. He describes it about the size of a cottage, although it met his needs. The best part was he had enough space in the basement to create art.

John incorporates colors and patterns in his art to encourage cheerful moods. However, when he experienced a pattern of rent increases, he grew concerned about losing his home.

John wanted to stay in the house where he was already living and knew he couldn't afford the proposed rent. He had to look for an affordable option quickly. John reached out to his brother and USDA Rural Development (RD) to see how they could help.

RD's Single Family Housing Direct Home Loan Program is designed for people like John who want to stay in their rural communities. The owner of John’s rental house put the house up for sale and John chose to buy it.

The house needed a new roof and rain gutters to pass a standard safety inspection. To accomplish this, John’s brother gave him financial support and RD assisted him with an affordable home loan.

“I would literally be on the street if it wasn’t for the people at USDA,” John said.

Now, John can paint in the comfort and security of his own home and continue to share his art.

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