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Success Stories

Brownfield Native Continues Tradition

Erika Archie

Megan Lopez was looking to purchase a home and raise her family in the town she grew up in. Megan had lived in a USDA Rural Development Multi-Family property in Brownfield for the last three years, but it was time to find a permanent single family home. 

As Megan began her search for a home for her family, there were many factors to consider.  She wanted her boys to remain in the Brownfield school system.  Megan works in a town 30 minutes from Brownfield, so it was  important to have the home close to her family as her parents help transport them to and from school. The house search took her through many houses, but the boys having their own rooms was a must.  As a bonus, she was able to find all that with a great back yard for a new dog!

Megan applied with the USDA Rural Development office in Lubbock in April of 2020.  Even in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the loan was closed in September of 2020.  Megan was glad that everyone worked together to help her into her home during those times.

Megan wanted the same environment she was raised in for her boys.  This house will allow her family to grow and become a part of the community.  She looks forward to giving back to her community and having pride of owning a piece of the community and school system.  Without the assistance of Rural Development in her life from the Multi-family apartments to now with her house, she may have not been able to stay in the local community.   

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