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Resident hugging her new home.

Partnership’s key to smoothing bumpy road to successful homeownership

USDA Rural Development and Red Cliff Chippewa Housing Authority (RCCHA) have partnered over the years in Wisconsin to help tribal members make repairs to existing homes and to help renters reach their goals of becoming homeowners on tribal-leased land. Carrie Fulton, a USDA… [Read More]
Brian and Catherine Bartunek family with Rural Development staff outside home

Bartuneks Become Homeowners After Long Journey

Buying a house can be a daunting process for anyone and it’s easy to become discouraged or overwhelmed, but for one South Dakota family, perseverance paid off for their long journey to home ownership. Brian and Catherine Bartunek wanted a place to call home for their three… [Read More]
Caucasian couple with light skin, dark hair, stand on porch of their new house with brown siding and tan brick.

USDA Guaranteed Home Loan Brings Couple Independence

Haylee and Hayden Nix were in the market to purchase their first home after renting a house from a relative.  Haylee said, “We wanted a home to have our own space and build equity in a property that would benefit us in the future.” The Nix found the house plans and property… [Read More]
Ms. Cynthia Veal holding flowers

Clear and Dry Forecast for Homeowner, No Matter the Weather

"Every time it would rain, I just felt dread," said Ms. Cynthia Veal, a homeowner in Hull, Georgia. Her family home was in desperate need of repairs. She sought help for a new roof. There wasn’t just one place the roof leaked during rainy weather, the entire flat roof was… [Read More]
Family front porch of new home

From Wheels to Walls - Attaining the Dream of Homeownership

For many, owning your own home is the America Dream.  But the road to homeownership can be difficult to maneuver and include roadblocks and detours. Alexandria S., a widowed mother of four, is all too familiar with those bumps in the road and worked in partnership with the… [Read More]
Jaimee Souksan and her two kids were able to realize the American dream of home ownership with the help of a USDA Rural Development loan in Nebraska.

Souksan Family Realizes the American Dream in Nebraska

Homeownership, for many, it’s the ultimate American dream. However, it can be difficult to achieve in a challenging economy, especially for those of limited means, but it is not impossible. In 2020, Jaimee Souksan made the dream come true for her family of three when she… [Read More]
Solar panels being installed

Home repair loan helps family drastically cut electric bills

Keeping the electric on was crippling Toni and his family. Electric bills ranging from $300-$600 per month ate up the majority of the family’s fixed income. HOMES Inc., one of  Rural Development’s strong housing partners in Eastern Kentucky, led a project combining funding… [Read More]

Petersburg's Newest Homeowners are all Smiles

The Carrillo family had outgrown their two-bedroom house and started to look for a home that was more accommodating to their needs.  Jesus and Jasmine had hopes to buy a house in Petersburg where they currently lived and had grown up.  The Carillo's had heard about the USDA… [Read More]

Brownfield Native Continues Tradition

Megan Lopez was looking to purchase a home and raise her family in the town she grew up in. Megan had lived in a USDA Rural Development Multi-Family property in Brownfield for the last three years, but it was time to find a permanent single family home.  As Megan began her… [Read More]