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Reel of Fiber in rural countryside.

ReConnecting Rural Residents to Reliable High-Speed Internet

High-speed internet used to be considered a luxury for many rural customers. When the pandemic hit, the need for reliable broadband service became a priority. Thanks to Rural Development’s ReConnect program, rural customers near Timber Lake now will have reliable internet… [Read More]
USDA RD's ReConnect program helped Lindsay's family access high-speed internet

Home Telephone Company Rings up ReConnect Success in McClellanville, South Carolina

Lindsay is a working mother in McClellanville, South Carolina, and like many people living in rural communities, lacking access to reliable, high-speed internet used to be a challenge that affected her entire family.   “Especially when the kids came home from school, and I was… [Read More]
People standing behind a sign

High Speed Internet for Southwestern Montana

Southern Montana Telephone Company, located in Wisdom, received a $3.3 million ReConnect grant in 2019 which they used to bring high-speed internet to nearly 1,000 customers, spread out over almost 2,000 miles, in Southwestern Montana. For more information on USDA Rural… [Read More]
ATMC is bringing access to the internet with speeds up to 1 Gps to thousands of homes and businesses in Columbus County since partnering with the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development. A recent ReConnect Grant of $7.9 million will expand their reach to another 4,000 homes and businesses.

Rural N.C. gets access to internet through USDA RD/ATMC

Rural North Carolina is continuing to adapt to the digital age where high-speed internet is essential. There is a powerful ally in this evolution with the Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation. ATMC is bringing access to the internet with speeds up to 1 Gps to thousands of… [Read More]
Paul Bunyan Communications Staff

Bringing Home the Broadband in Rural Minnesota

Paul Bunyan Communications, based in Bemidji, Minnesota, has taken advantage of the RUS Telecommunications Broadband loan program to build-out a high speed broadband network covering their entire service area. Their goal of connecting every institution, every business, and every… [Read More]

Broadband Service Changing Lives in Rural Tennessee

  North Central Telephone Cooperative (NCTC) recently completed construction of more than 1,000 miles of Fiber To The Home (FTTH) facilities making broadband service available to approximately 14,000 households, 951 businesses, and 48 strategic institutions.  Headquartered in… [Read More]
Softcom's BIP Project

Softcom’s Digital Footprint Impacting North-Central California

Softcom Internet Communications, Inc. (Softcom) is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Galt, California serving rural portions of North-Central California. Due to topographical challenges of the terrain, Softcom needed assistance expanding its existing network to… [Read More]
Molalla Telephone

Telecom Company Helps Rural Businesses Compete in Global Marketplace

Many rural communities lack the necessary infrastructure to provide broadband services, creating myriad challenges for local residents, businesses, schools, and other essential community services. In contrast, residents of Molalla and Mulino, Oregon, are gaining access to… [Read More]

USDA RD Partners with HTC to Make Broadband Available

Many of us take access to modern electronic and technological services for granted. But for businesses in Rural America, the lack of high-speed internet connections can make a difference between success and layoffs. In 2009, Highland Telephone Cooperative (HTC) began pursuing… [Read More]
Teacher and students

Broadband Provides Opportunities Inside Rural School

Children across North Dakota are the most important resource for the future. Ensuring they receive an excellent education is critical to their ability to excel as adults. Inside the two-room Sweet Briar School, two teachers utilize broadband to educate students from kindergarten… [Read More]