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finnriver coowners photo by james curtis. Three people smiling in front of fermenting equipment and bottles.

Sustainability at the Core

For many, apples are a sweet addition to a balanced diet. For Eric Jorgensen, one of the founders of Finnriver Farm & Cidery, apples are a way of life. Jorgensen and his partners started their small organic fruit and vegetable farm in Chimacum, Washington, on the state’s… [Read More]
pickup truck with snowplow in Ravinia, South Dakota

Keeping Streets Cleared in Ravinia

When winter arrives in South Dakota, Ravinia citizens rely on the township to clear two miles of local roads. Keeping local roads clear allows residents to get to and from work. When their equipment prevents them from clearing the roads, it makes the morning commute a bit more… [Read More]
A new manufactured home with a long ramp in Iowa

Making Home Happen

The long white ramp leading up to the porch entrance of the home serves vital functions for homeowner John Bryson, Jr. For many years, John ran his own restaurant, but after a lifetime of hard work and medical issues, John had become disabled. Without a house of his own when a… [Read More]
Lovington Mainstreet Executive Director Mara Salcido directs customers to the ‘Local Innovators Institute’ food truck called “Big Blue”

Developing Entrepreneurship in Lovington, N.M.

When the first class of the ‘Local Innovators Institute’ gathered in March of 2020 there was nothing but excitement. Why? Because everyone came to find out if their dreams of opening a restaurant would come true. The ‘Local Innovators Institute’ is a business development class… [Read More]
Guests use new technology at Agriculture exhibit

Teaching, Learning, and Growing Rural Communities

Agriculture innovation has changed over the years and one organization is using technology to educate and spark interest in the farming community.   “Discovery Park of America is a world class museum and heritage park located in a very rural area of Tennessee,” said Director of… [Read More]
Max Entertainment Photo

Bringing Family to Orangeburg: RD Helps Family Business Expand

Family is important to Johnny Murdaugh. When raising his own in Orangeburg, South Carolina, he had to travel outside of his community to enjoy fun activities with his children. Frustrated with the lack of access to entertainment centers and amusement parks, he decided to do… [Read More]
Tai Lepule and his family stand proudly in their new home’s kitchen with USDA Rural Development Area Director Amy Milburn and RurAL CAP Construction Manager Chris Blanchard. In November 2022, USDA Rural Development invested $734,714 with Rural CAP to help 18 families build energy efficient homes in Soldotna, Alaska

‘Credit’ Goes to Soldotna Family for Helping Build Their Own Home

In November, USDA Rural Development and Rural Community Action Program helped Andrew “Tai” Lepule and his family close on the home of their dreams.  Purchasing a house can be challenging for any family in Alaska, considering high market prices, low availability, and stringent… [Read More]
Native American ladies sitting in chairs, talking and smiling with each other.

Increasing Abundance with Native Communities Cooperative Development Training

Cooperatives are designed to meet the common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations of a group. Making sure the group’s values and cultural dynamics are honored is fundamental to successful cooperative development; this makes the co-op model attractive to many… [Read More]
Exterior photo of Shalyn Janis home

Creating A Haven for Native American Homeowners

The journey to homeownership is often filled with anxiety, unknowns, frustrations and eventually excitement as you move into your home. For Shalyn Janis, this journey began in 2018. She had been trying to buy a home for a while when she heard about USDA’s Native Relending, or… [Read More]
Smiling woman named Lisa Fensick standing in front of a new ambulance she helped obtain for her fire station.

Rural Healthcare Worker Lisa Fensick: An Everyday Hero Saving Lives

First responders are often on the front lines of health care, and their impact to rural communities has been immeasurable. For Lisa Fensick of Seaford, Delaware, this impact drove her desire to become a nationally registered Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT).  “I became a… [Read More]