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Person on a roof

U.S. Army Veteran Builds Roots in Great Falls, Mont.

 In 2017, Heather, a U.S. Army National Guard Veteran, decided to build her home through the Great Falls NeighborWorks self-help housing program, in Great Falls, Mont.  She used a USDA Rural Development Single Family Direct Home Loan to purchase the home she built. Click here… [Read More]
Brian and Catherine Bartunek family with Rural Development staff outside home

Bartuneks Become Homeowners After Long Journey

Buying a house can be a daunting process for anyone and it’s easy to become discouraged or overwhelmed, but for one South Dakota family, perseverance paid off for their long journey to home ownership. Brian and Catherine Bartunek wanted a place to call home for their three… [Read More]
Woman in front of house

Single Mom Builds Montana Roots on Trust Land

Kristen S., a single mom and resident of Red Lodge, Montana, decided to build her home through the Helena Area Habitat for Humanity self-help housing program.  As part of a new initiative, Habitat for Humanity partnered with Red Lodge Area Community Foundation and Trust Montana… [Read More]

First-time homebuyers find a home in rural Cape Cod

Ghislain and Savannah Beauplant have navigated a highly competitive Cape Cod Massachusetts real estate market for almost two years, armed with patience and perseverance. The family cites their success to having the right people, providing support and knowledge, to bring them to… [Read More]
Smiling man standing on porch of his new house.

Gum Springs Resident Takes “Pride” in Being a Homeowner

Matthew Romig never really saw themselves as a homeowner, or if they did, the visions they had were of a small one- or two-bedroom house with little to no land. “I still wake up sometimes wondering where I am, really it's weird. I mean, I've lived all kinds of places,” Matthew… [Read More]
Graphic of a smiling family with the words Success Stories on it.

“There’s No Quitting on My Kids”: USDA Helps Mom Make it OK

A USDA Rural Development (RD) Single Family Housing Direct Home Loan often provides people in rough situations a way to recover and heal from life’s debilitating blows. For Candice Donovan in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, buying a home through this program — (also known as… [Read More]

Homeowner Success: Young Family Establishes Roots in Peru

Last year, Adam Blondo was visiting with family about wanting to purchase a home, when they told him about the USDA Rural Development 502 Home Loan Program, and he applied. He and his wife Chambre wanted to establish roots in rural Nebraska.  Once approved, he began his search… [Read More]
Jacqueline Begay's home under construction

The 502 Home Loan Program Make Dreams Come True

Jacqueline Begay had applied a couple of times in the past for Rural Development’s 502 home loan program. She dreamed of buying some land to place a manufactured house on it.  Ms. Begay wanted her own house because she and her son have been living with her family for the last… [Read More]
Gertudis Fierro home under construction

Single mom gets a home for her family

Gertudis Fierro was very excited when the mortgage loan on her new house closed on February 18th 2022. She said, “Owning my own house has so many pluses especially because I won’t have to pay rent,” something she’s been doing for the past four years. USDA Rural Development’s… [Read More]
Three smiling girls in winter coats in front of a snow covered field.

“No One is Homesick”: A City Family Finds Rural Peace

“We were living in Cincinnati for over a decade,” says Emmy Clark, who, with help from a USDA Rural Development (RD) Single Family Housing Direct Home Loan, moved to Orleans County, Vermont, with her husband and three school-aged children last year. “The idea was for our kids… [Read More]