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finger turning off circuit breaker

Updated electrical panel improves safety for Leola homeowner

While modern homes have been equipped with circuit breaker-style electrical panels for decades, many older homes may still have screw-in fuse panels that were commonplace from the early-to-mid 20th century. Jeannie Feickert’s home in Leola was one such home. Jeannie… [Read More]
A woman stands in front of a white house with a metal railing

New Teacher Buys a Home: Kailee Invests in Jasper County, Iowa

Not many college students graduate with a bachelors degree and purchase a house within two years. Kailee Meyer in Jasper County, Iowa, achieved her dream of home ownership with help from a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development home loan program.… [Read More]
Community gathers to celebrate NACDC Financial Services, Inc., $1 million grant award.

Advancing Homeownership on Montana's Tribal Lands

On a sun-drenched, snowy day in Browning, Montana, community leaders gathered at NACDC Financial Services, Inc., to celebrate NACDC’s receipt of a $1 million USDA grant to expand single family homeownership on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. The award is part of USDA Rural… [Read More]
Six Kauai families finished their home just in time for the holidays.

USDA Rural Development Helps Make ‘Home for the Holidays’ a Reality for Kauai Families

On Wednesday, November 22 Kauai’s Habitat for Humanity held a ceremony for six families who received keys at the Kauai Waimea Huakai Subdivision thanks in part to USDA Rural Development’s 502 Direct Loan program for two of the homes and the 502 Guaranteed Loan program funded six… [Read More]
Norris Family pictured with TN RD State Director & Crossville Housing Authority

Norris Family Fixer Upper

Gary and Debra Norris are your typical retirees. They spent almost 15 years renting houses in a local single family housing development so they could enjoy the amenities available in the Crossville, Tenn. area. After renting several houses over the years, they decided it was… [Read More]
Kayla Bruce with her three daughters

Partners providing possibilities

When Kayla Bruce relocated from Florida with her three daughters, now 14, 11 and 2, she moved her family into a two-bedroom apartment in the north central community of Leola. Over the past two years, she got involved in the community and her daughters into sports. But as time… [Read More]
Butte Housing Groundbreaking

Building a Place to Call Home in Rural Montana

As sounds of city traffic fill the air, an obscure vacant lot at a busy intersection in uptown Butte is showing signs of life. Newly excavated foundation preparations dot the landscape. Water and sewer pipes emerge from the ground, signaling the coming of a neighborhood where 12… [Read More]
Francis & Nicole Badibanga in front of their new home with their four children

Hope Restored Through Hard Work and Perseverance

In Salem, Utah, the reality of homeownership is finally a dream come true for Francis Badibanga and his family of six. Francis achieved this dream by working with a local self-help program, putting in hundreds of hours of sweat equity to bring down the price of his new home, and… [Read More]
Bobbie Grubb's community becomes cooperative-owned with the help of NCF.

Rural Wisconsin Community Embraces Cooperative Homeowner Model

In 2016, Bobbie Grubb’s manufactured housing community in Wisconsin converted to a cooperative-owned model, a move that would afford residents the power to control what happens in their community for the first time. Manufactured communities, or mobile home communities, provide… [Read More]
A woman stands outside her home in Nevada.

Persistence Pays Off for New Nevada Homeowner

As too many Americans experience, a huge rent increase caused Un Lee to be displaced from her apartment. She found herself homeless, living in whatever hotel she could afford. Un realized it would be easier to buy a home then continue to sink money into trying to find a rental.… [Read More]