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Group of adults in business suits standing on the front steps of a building. They are the 1963 coop seminar graduates of uwcc, the first class ever.

UW Center for Cooperatives Celebrates 60 Years of Serving the Co-op Community

As National Cooperative Month 2022 ends, we would like to highlight a special anniversary in the co-op world. The University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives (UWCC), the oldest university-based cooperative center in the nation, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.… [Read More]
The Boys and Girls Club of the North Valley was able to purchase new tech equipment through Community Facilities program funding.

USDA Rural Development helps Boys and Girls Club in Oroville open new Teen Center

The Boys and Girls Club of the North Valley (BGCNV) fills a critical need in Oroville and surrounding communities, providing after-school social services and enrichment opportunities for low-income children and youth. About 79 percent of those served live below the poverty line… [Read More]

St. Helena College and Career Academy: Touchdown Loan

St. Helena College and Career Academy in rural Greensburg, Louisiana is home to the Mighty Hawks. In the small parish of 11,000, football is one of the main ways that the community comes together, and St. Helena is their only public high school. But, St. Helena's previous… [Read More]
Native American  statue on IAIA Campus

Advancing Artistic Expression

The Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) is located just a few miles southwest of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Located on 140 acres in Santa Fe it is arguably one of the best locations in the state for an art school. To put it simply the place is inspiring. The campus is in a… [Read More]
Student manually developing 3D design at Lake Country Advanced Knowledge Center, a process that takes days - or even weeks.

Community Excels in Engineering

What happens when businesses are eager to hire local employees, but an equally eager workforce lacks the necessary skills for employment? A stalemate. South Hill and its surrounding region have suffered this dilemma for the last five years with an unemployment rate ranging from… [Read More]
The Mapleton High School track was resurfaced with help from a USDA grant.

Rural School District Sprints to the Finish Line with Major Track Repair

In the rural town of Mapleton in western Oregon, students attend high school on a campus sandwiched between the Siuslaw River on one side and the Coast Range on the other. Nestled in the forest, the high school track is distinctive with its triangular shape and 300-meter length… [Read More]