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Loretta 504 Success Story

Repairs Imperative to Keep Independence and Peace of Mind

Like many Wyoming women, Loretta is strong-willed and independent. She takes pride in her ability to do things for herself, and to not rely on others. But when her mobility started to decrease, Loretta’s daughter became concerned for her safety and wellbeing at home. Loretta… [Read More]
A woman looks up at the damage in her ceiling. Boards are being used to prop up ceiling sections.

There’s No Place Like Home

Sandra was born and raised in the rural town of Greenwood, Mississippi, but wanted more excitement in her life. She moved to Los Angeles in her early 20’s and loved it, but she got terribly homesick for her family every time she called home. In 1999, she followed her heart home… [Read More]
A women standing in her house with her arms held out at shoulder height to show how dipped her roof is. It sags in the middle where she stands.

Singing in the Rain

Doris is a retired nurse who has lived in her home in Greenwood, Mississippi for 42 years. When USDA Rural Development (RD) and the Delta Design Build Workshop (Delta DB) visited her in late January 2022, her home’s kitchen ceiling beam sagged down so low that she could touch it… [Read More]
A smiling woman stands on the roof of a house and watches while works fix the roof.

Preserving History in the Delta

The small town of Greenwood in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, once nicknamed the “Cotton Capital of the World,” has seen its share of success, but that was a long time ago. When cotton cultivation and processing became mechanized in the early 20th century, thousands of… [Read More]
Women putting a blanket in the washing machine while looking at an electrical box above the washer that has no cover and is a nest of wires leading into the fuses. It looks very unsafe.

RD, RPG and Delta DB: a Great Team!

Retired schoolteacher and great-grandmother Rutha was due to turn 80 years old the day after she welcomed USDA Rural Development (RD) and the Delta Design Build Workshop (Delta DB) to her recently repaired home in Greenwood, Mississippi in late August 2022.  Last year, Rutha’s… [Read More]
Greenwood, MS Sign

The Art of Hope

In January 2022, retired correctional officer Willie led USDA Rural Development (RD) specialists through her pitch-black, frigid home in Greenwood, Mississippi. Her three-room house had no permanent electricity, running water, plumbing, or interior finishing. In her bedroom, icy… [Read More]
A pretty white home with blue shutters and hanging plants

More Than Just Home Repair- Refinance Helps Atlantic County Senior Maintain Independent Living

Ms. Barbara Delozier is a single senior living in Atlantic County, New Jersey. Like a lot of seniors on fixed incomes, Ms. Delozier finds it hard to make ends meet and manage cost of homeownership. Barbara has lived in her home for over a decade.  Her home, built in 1965,  … [Read More]
Smiling elderly woman next to a younger man standing in front of a wooden structure that covers a well in a green lawn.

Senior Finds Speedy Assistance for Reliable Water Source

Peggy McCellan, a senior with limited income, living in Wayne County, West Virginia was faced with a serious situation in 2021. Ms. McCellan did not have a reliable source of water service to her home. In fact, for over a period of 8 months she found herself without any water… [Read More]
Two smiling women looking at a computer screen.

USDA Helps to Make Rural Resident's Home Safer!

Patsy Reckart of Weston, Lewis County, in rural West Virginia is a local author and a senior citizen who one day found herself in need of some home modifications for the sake of her own health and safety. Ms. Reckart had fallen in her bathtub and was unable to get out of the… [Read More]
Ms. Cynthia Veal holding flowers

Clear and Dry Forecast for Homeowner, No Matter the Weather

"Every time it would rain, I just felt dread," said Ms. Cynthia Veal, a homeowner in Hull, Georgia. Her family home was in desperate need of repairs. She sought help for a new roof. There wasn’t just one place the roof leaked during rainy weather, the entire flat roof was… [Read More]