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Success Stories

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Rock County Librarians Macey Lackoff and Kim Orr

There's More to the Story

National Library Week is April 23-29. The theme this year is “There’s More to the Story.” To the folks in north central Nebraska, where towns are small and there are many miles between homes, farms, and ranches, this theme comes to life at the Rock County Community Library. For… [Read More]
Lyndon Sno Cruisers bought a new trailer with USDA RD funding

Trail Groomer Keeps Winter Activities Alive

Snowmobiling is a sport that the local economy in Northern Vermont depends on. Each year, thousands of out-of-staters travel to experience the snowy mountain trails and amazing views. Freshly groomed trails make the snow smooth and are essential for winter sports and activities… [Read More]
Max Entertainment Photo

Bringing Family to Orangeburg: RD Helps Family Business Expand

Family is important to Johnny Murdaugh. When raising his own in Orangeburg, South Carolina, he had to travel outside of his community to enjoy fun activities with his children. Frustrated with the lack of access to entertainment centers and amusement parks, he decided to do… [Read More]
The Boys and Girls Club of the North Valley was able to purchase new tech equipment through Community Facilities program funding.

USDA Rural Development helps Boys and Girls Club in Oroville open new Teen Center

The Boys and Girls Club of the North Valley (BGCNV) fills a critical need in Oroville and surrounding communities, providing after-school social services and enrichment opportunities for low-income children and youth. About 79 percent of those served live below the poverty line… [Read More]

St. Helena College and Career Academy: Touchdown Loan

St. Helena College and Career Academy in rural Greensburg, Louisiana is home to the Mighty Hawks. In the small parish of 11,000, football is one of the main ways that the community comes together, and St. Helena is their only public high school. But, St. Helena's previous… [Read More]
A baby in a basket sits on a table next to a board game and a wine glass. Behind them, family and friends gather on green grass beneath a blue sky for what appears to be a picnic or some kind of gathering with tables and umbrellas.

RiverCrest Ranch Finds Community, Opportunity in USDA Grant

RiverCrest Ranch has always been a place worth sharing. Nestled in Oregon's Applegate Valley, the ranch's 11 and a half acres still hold the remnants of an 1870s hydraulic gold mining operation and "the best swimming hole on the Applegate River," according to owner Cathy Rodgers… [Read More]
(L-R)Jimmy Askey, Pondra and Eddie Byrd with their daughter Melanie Campbell have worked to give Johnston County residents a safe place for family and fun since 1997.

Rural Development is Rolling Strikes in North Carolina

USDA is helping Rural America reconnect through internet and become safer through the purchase of fire safety equipment throughout the country. It is also helping families make memories and share a connection through fellowship and fun.  When the Byrd family built and opened… [Read More]