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Success Stories

Charter School Receives Funding for Expansion

Public Affairs Coordinator
Community Facilities

Quality education is a key to creating ladders of opportunity for rural students. Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School (PVCICS), a regional public charter school located in Hadley, MA has been providing quality education for its students since it’s opening in 2007. PVCICS implements a rigorous curriculum with instruction in both English and Mandarin Chinese. The school serves 591,784 people and enrolls students from 44 towns. Presently, there are 280 students enrolled in the school in grades K-9 but interest in the program has grown. PVCICS has been authorized by the State to become a K-12 school and increase its enrollment. However, the current school facilities are unable to accommodate the growing demand. Without an addition, the school would be unable to meet educational needs in the nearby communities.

Through the Community Facility Direct Loan program, USDA Rural Development has approved a loan of $10,600, 600 for an addition to the school. The addition will double the size of the existing facility to 68,205 square feet and allow PVCICS to accommodate 584 students in 2018. The addition will include 15 full-sized classrooms, 4 seminar/classrooms, a media center, a science room, art room, music/theater room, 4 meeting rooms, with toilet facilities and utility space on each floor served by a four-stop elevator.

PVCICS Principal Kathleen Wang thanked USDA Rural Development saying, “PVCICS students come from all over the Pioneer Valley and we are all deeply grateful for the funding provided by the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development. This funding helps students from Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties.” With the expansion, the PVCICS will become the first K-12 language immersion school in the United States.


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