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Success Stories

Claybrook Farms Providing Beef and Jobs

Kathy Smith
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Even though Claybrook Farms had a long standing reputation for its excellent Black Angus cattle breeding operation, the new owner wanted to broaden the farm’s horizon.

The Turner family purchased the 700 acre Claybrook Farms in 1975 growing it to over 1,000 acres and adding the production of corn, soybeans, wheat, and oats to support their cattle operation.  When the reins passed from patriarch Carl Turner to his son, Dave, in 2012 a new vision was cast.

Desiring to market their locally raised beef to the Memphis and surrounding area, Claybrook Farms  has used a $300,000 USDA Rural Development Value Added Producer Grant to expand their operations.  During startup, the newly formed meat company sold beef out of the back of pickup truck cooler, but today they are averaging five cattle per week pushing the local packing company to capacity.  As a result of this project, a total of 8-10 jobs have either been directly or indirectly created or saved.

"As a family producer there's nothing more rewarding than hearing how much a chef or family has enjoyed our beef products," said Dave Turner. "We're grateful for this partnership with USDA that helps us grow the business and even more motivated to maximize this opportunity for the betterment of our farm, family and community."

Claybrook Farms has partnered with other state and federal agencies including TN Department of Agriculture, USDA Farm Service Agency and Natural Resources Conservation Service to bring  locally produced grain fed cattle from a rural area to an urban market.  Utilizing progressive management practices, rotational grazing on a mix of grasses, avoiding pesticides, hormones and antibiotics, and finishing with home grown corn and crop products keeps their final product all natural while providing high quality beef products.

 USDA Rural Development is moving investments to rural America with housing, business and infrastructure loans and grants to create jobs and strengthen rural economies.  For more information on  programs available in Southwest Tennessee contact Jackson Area Office at 731-668-2091 or visit us online at www.rd.usda.gov/TN

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