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Success Stories

Clean Energy Biofuels Expands Retail Market

Deborah Callahan
The Clean Energy Biofuels team pose in front of new biodiesel fuel pump

Clean Energy Biofuels, a Down to Earth Energy Company, is a full circle biodiesel company operating in Georgia and Tennessee that provides all the services under one company – collecting waste cooking oil, producing the biodiesel, blending the biodiesel, delivering bulk biodiesel, and selling bio-diesel retail. All of their fuel meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specifications and is produced solely from waste cooking oil using 100% renewable solar electricity to power fuel production.

The Whole Foods Distribution Center in Braselton, GA is a retail biodiesel client of Clean Energy Biofuels. They operate a fleet of 14 flex fuel Tractors and 22 trailers, distributing goods to their retail stores throughout the Southeast. Clean Energy Biofuels provides a source for their biofuel that is in alignment with the core mission, environmental steward-ship values and animal welfare standards of their client Whole Foods. In their original arrangement, Clean Energy Biofuels was delivering a 4,000 gallon tanker truck of B20 biodiesel weekly, but at times as many as a third of the Whole Foods Distribution Center fleet was still fueling off site and sometimes not using biodiesel when they did.

Clean Energy Biofuels flexed their business offering to provide a more effective retail fueling solution to Whole Foods. They installed a permanent fueling station at the Distribution Center. Total project cost of $120,150 was offset in part by a $29,927 USDA Georgia Rural Development Rural Energy for America Program Grant.

Whole Foods has streamlined its biodiesel operations and expanded use of biodiesel in their fleet of 14 tractors and 22 trailers. Based on 2011 consumption, Whole Foods offset 287 tons of carbon a year; with the addition of the fueling station at their distribution center, it is estimated they will increase carbon offset to 836 tons per year. Clean Energy Biofuels has expanded its retail market.

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