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Success Stories

Clear and Dry Forecast for Homeowner, No Matter the Weather

Home Repair
Homeownership Month 2022
Ms. Cynthia Veal holding flowers

"Every time it would rain, I just felt dread," said Ms. Cynthia Veal, a homeowner in Hull, Georgia. Her family home was in desperate need of repairs. She sought help for a new roof.

There wasn’t just one place the roof leaked during rainy weather, the entire flat roof was compromised and dripping water from the ceiling of several rooms of the house. A neighbor heard that the local Electric Membership Cooperative (EMC) might be able to assist. 

Although significant, the grant from the Jackson EMC Foundation couldn’t cover the full cost. Jackson EMC suggested that Ms. Veal apply for additional grant funding with USDA. A new roof became a reality when $2,500 from the Jackson EMC Foundation, funded by contributions of the cooperative’s members, and a USDA Rural Development Home Repair Grant for $6,500 were combined.

Keeping home maintenance up to date is a challenge when you’re on a fixed income. What a relief to have the help of neighbors, the Jackson EMC Foundation and USDA to put the family at ease.

Obligation Amount:
Date of Obligation:
March 2, 2020
Congressional District:
GA-09 Andrew Clyde