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Success Stories

Farmtastic Food Hub Celebrates Anniversary

Michael Stepien
Small Business
Two owners behind store counter

Two entrepreneurs and the people of Anamoose recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of a new bakery and food hub in rural North Dakota. Farmtastic Heritage Food Hub opened last year to provide fresh, homemade meals prepared with locally sourced ingredients to guests, along with being a destination for local producers to deliver their produce.

Julia and Mirek both immigrated from eastern Europe and have lived in different areas of the world. While traveling the country, they discovered an opportunity to purchase a farm in North Dakota and capitalize on the knowledge and expertise they picked up over the years by creating a food hub.

They saw the potential of an old building owned by the city and selected that location to start their business. The building desperately needed renovating; essentially everything needed to be gutted and replaced. The ceiling leaked, creating numerous problems on the inside.

An RBDG grant helped with the extensive renovation, providing necessary building materials. Mirek’s wide-ranging knowledge of construction was vital to ensuring everything was completed according to his high standards. The North Dakota Department of Commerce partnered to provide funding for the commercial kitchen for the bakery.

Since moving to Anamoose, the couple has been an invaluable asset to the area. Downtown Anamoose has been revitalized by the renovation of a vacant upholstery shop, and residents have a new place to go for a fresh meal. Their food hub provides a location for local producers to sell their products, giving farmers an opportunity to grow more and increase personal income.

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