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Success Stories

First-Time Homebuyer’s Dream Comes True with USDA Loan

Roger Waugh (304) 776-5256

June Walker, a single parent, was living in unsafe rental housing with her two special needs children. She wanted to improve her family’s living conditions. She took the first step towards homeownership by contacting the Cross Lanes Field Office of USDA Rural Development to inquire about a home loan.June decided to buy her first home so that her family could enjoy the satisfaction and security which comes from owning their own home.

After consulting with Rural Development Area Specialists Brenda Fisher and Michelle Meadows, she was delighted to be approved for a Single-Family Housing Direct Home Loan. In April of 2021, she purchased her first home for $119,250 in Belle, Kanawha County, West Virginia.

June was so thankful and overjoyed that she was able to buy her very own home for her family. She said, “I have found the experience of working with the USDA Rural Development absolutely fantastic! It seemed like everything moved so quickly and I was kept up to date on everything going on. It was a stress-free experience.” She concluded, “Owning my own home means security and the chance to provide a stable environment for my children. This is a dream come true for me and I owe it all to USDA Rural Development.”

USDA Rural Development is helping to make home ownership a reality to eligible low and very low income families living in rural areas in West Virginia. Loan programs administered by USDA offer 100% financing with no down payment required and low interest rates (currently 2.50%) at longer payment terms to help eligible borrowers afford homeownership.

USDA is celebrating Homeownership Month in June. The Cross Lanes Field Office of USDA Rural Development is located at 418 Goff Mountain Road. Please contact the friendly staff there at (304) 776 5256, extension 4, to learn more about their loan programs and assistance available from USDA.


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February 23, 2021
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