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Success Stories

He Had the Desire To Be A Homeowner

Vicki Schurman
Absolutely thrilled with Homeownership!

Jay and Darmina Ullrich and their dogs Lady Bird, Annabell, and Miamae had lived in a small rental house in Wilber, Nebraska for about three years.  Jay had always wanted to be a homeowner and even though Darmina didn’t really feel the same and was a little skeptical, she supported Jay in buying a home. 

The Ullrichs went to their bank and were immediately told they didn’t have enough money for a down payment or closing costs. 

One day, Jay and Darmina happened to see a home in Beatrice that interested them and was listed by Woods Bros Realty at Beatrice.  They contacted the realtor who gave them Kristin Ling of First National Bank as a contact.  The    Ullrichs called Kristin and after she took their application and pulled their credit history she immediately steered them towards the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Rural Housing loan program/Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA) program.  The Ullrichs were able to purchase the home utilizing the 100% financing option at the NIFA current government rate of 3.5% that is backed by an USDA Rural Development guarantee.

They now have a comfortable, two bedroom, ranch style home with a nice yard for their dogs to enjoy.  They love the way the home is set up with an open kitchen where they can be doing the dishes looking out into the living room.

“Jay was ecstatic, words could not describe how happy he was!” said Darmina. “I was a little hesitant at first, but now absolutely thrilled!  So glad we did it!.”

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