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Success Stories

Homeownership is Surreal for New Mobridge, S.D. Homeowner

Tammi Schone
Willis Netzer

Willis Netzer was living in an apartment  complex that had come under new ownership recently.  He felt that the new owners, in their move to adopt more restrictive policies, were limiting some of his own personal freedoms; thus, he began his search to find a new place for himself and his son to call home.

One day, he was driving around in the city of Mobridge looking at properties for sale and came across a sign that read, “Are you ready to have your own home?”, along with a telephone number to call, sponsored by Home Are Possible, Inc. (HAPI).  Netzer called the number and as a direct result the process began that ultimately led to homeownership.

“There was a lot of paperwork, however, it was well worth the effort,” said new homeowner Willis Netzer.  “In fact, the security of owning my own home and
abiding by my own set of rules of engagement is still surreal.  I truly wish I would have checked into this process a lot sooner.” 

The Netzers transitioned from apartment life to a
Governor’s home that is efficient and perfect in size with the assistance of:  Rural Development provided a 502 direct loan leveraged with a $3,500 HAPI silent mortgage, $5,000 Grow SD Silent Mortgage for
closing costs, and $22,500 Neighborhood Stabilization Program funded through South Dakota Housing
Development Authority (SDHDA).  Mobridge Housing provides Netzer with a minimum ten-year monthly mortgage payment supplement through their Home Ownership Program.  Netzer shared that, “It is a great feeling  to live life the way I want and not have to worry about others. 

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