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Success Stories

Horse Sense Provides Much Needed Therapy

Cynthia M. O'Grady
Community Facilities

For Pat Moran, one of the co-founders of Seaview Equine Learning Facility (SELF), helping individuals with many special challenges through equine-assisted therapy only makes sense.  It is also her lifetime passion.  The facility provides unmounted and mounted learning and equine therapy programs throughout Cape May County.  Operational equipment and horses are needed for their learning and therapy programs.

USDA Rural Development provided a $39,000 grant through our Community Facilities Program and a local saving bank donated funds to also help with the facilities project.

Funds were used to construct two handicap ramps, purchase independent saddles for both adults and children, and a tractor.  Pat was also able to purchase an additional therapy horse and pony to help increase her clients.

While SELF is small, they believe the challenges that are most successful by equine therapy range from autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome to abuse and anxiety.  Even professionals believe therapy animals can be highly beneficial with the various therapy programs.  USDA is happy to have been able to assist SELF with this project.

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