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Success Stories

I Take Great Pride in Owning a Home

Vicki Schurman
Home at Last

Kaitlyn Gehle and her son Jaxon had been living in a rental home for a year.  Kaitlyn dreamed of owning a home of her own and began working with a local realtor to find a house that she could afford and that Jaxon and she could turn into a home.  USDA Rural Development was able to help make that dream possible.   Rural Development provided a loan through the Direct Housing Loan program.  Kaitlyn purchased a home in Cozad, Nebraska that has a spacious yard so Jaxon can play safely. The home has four bedrooms, one bath and a total area of 1,484 square feet to enjoy.

“I am happy to not travel so far to work and happy about living in a much nicer\safer home than the rental,” said Kaitlyn.  “I really like owning a home.  I take great pride in homeownership and it is nice to not just give my money away every month to rent and instead put that money towards my investment.”


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