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Success Stories

Improved Water Service quality for residents in Charlotte County

Danielle Ehlers

The residents of Charlotte Harbor CDP and Harbour Heights CDP in Charlotte County, Florida have been suffering from constant interruptions to their water service, boil water notices, and exposure to contamination due to the constant repairs of aged steel pipes.

Additionally, the residents have not had adequate fire flow due to undersized piping. The residents constantly complain about the color of the water due to pipe corrosion.

USDA is providing a $7,130,000 water and wastewater loan and a $5,429,000 grant to replace appximately 85,000 linear feet of water mains with with upsized 6-inch pipe water mains, along with appropriate fire hydrants. Once the project is completed, the residents of Charlotte Harbor CDP and Harbour Heights CDP will enjoy quality water service with rare interruptions and with adequate fire flow.

Final design is underway. Construction is expected to start in year 2020 and be completed at the end of year 2021.

Rural Development is making an impact by improving the water system and ensuring that Charlotte Harbour CDP and Harbour Heights CDP communities are provided the resources for clean and safe water today and in the future.

Obligation Amount:
$7,130,000 loan and $5,429,000 Grant
Year(s) of Obligation:
Congressional District: