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Success Stories

A Life-Changing Connection

Candy Taylor

As a shy, single mother of one, with one on the way, Sydney Hysell described her situation as being “… in a bad relationship, and we were living in a shack that we could have been kicked out of at any time.” She wondered if she would ever be able to have a normal life with safe housing for her and her five-year-old son, Mylon.

Sydney’s mom, Leigh Ann, wanted to help her daughter and grandchildren find a way to have the security of a safe home. She saw a “for sale” sign in front of a home with USDA Rural Development printed on it. After some investigating, she connected with two Rural Development employees: Travis Gosney, single family housing loan specialist, and Brittany Cudworth, single family housing loan assistant, who would become the life-changing connection for Sydney and her family.

Sydney admits that she was nervous. But, with the urging of her mom, she got out of her comfort zone and began the loan application process. With the assistance of Travis and Brittany and the support of her mom, she completed the application process and was approved for a loan within three months.

Now a proud homeowner in the rural town of Lahoma, Oklahoma, Sydney said, “I have awesome neighbors who have children the same age as my son. And now, Mylon is making friends in our neighborhood.” Sydney added that she is very happy with the school as they are providing Mylon one-on-one autism and speech assistance.

After settling into their new home, Sydney welcomed her second son, Ghavon to the family. Mylon is now a proud big brother.

Leigh Ann and Sydney expressed their praise of Travis and Brittany. “…you have two, very exceptional, hard-working, and extremely kind employees that need to be recognized. Best wishes to all involved in this life-changing program.”

Sydney said, “Even though I was nervous, I had to get out of my comfort zone and apply for the home loan. I am so glad I did.”

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