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Technical Assistance Awards

Broadband Technical Assistance Awards

Below is a list of entities that received USDA funding to deliver broadband technical assistance to rural and Tribal communities without sufficient access to broadband. Broadband technical assistance refers to activities that support broadband expansion into rural areas and predevelopment planning activities, which may include, but are not limited to, project planning and community engagement, financial sustainability, environmental compliance, construction planning and engineering, accessing federal resources, and data collection and reporting.

Name Initiative  Approved Award State
Bristol Bay Native Association Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act $430,451.80 Alaska
Gila Electronics of Yuma, Inc. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act $535,655.00 California
Kansas Department of Commerce Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act $997,000.00 Kansas
Kawerak, Inc. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act $124,128.52 Alaska
Merit Network, Inc. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act $997,000.00 Michigan
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Inc. Rural Partners Network; Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act $900,000.00 Wyoming, Virginia, Kentucky, Texas, Louisiana
Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc., (RurAL CAP) Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act $750,000.00 Alaska
Shaping Our Appalachian Region, Inc (SOAR) Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act $371,985.00 Kentucky
Southeast Nebraska Development District Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act $816,794.00


W Metts Engineering Co.,  Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act $268,400.00 South Carolina, Virginia
West Hills Community College District Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act $1,000,000.00 California


Note: Please be advised that technical assistance providers that have received USDA Rural Development funding may or may not accommodate unsolicited requests for assistance. It is recommended to contact awardees directly to inquire about their specific technical assistance policies and offerings.

REAP IRA Technical Assistance Grant Awards

The Agency has made grants to eligible entities to provide services that assist potential REAP Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvement (RES/EEI) grant to submit complete applications. Services that REAP TAG recipients can provide to REAP RES/EEI applicants include, but are not limited to, preparing complete REAP applications, help with registering with SAM, assisting with completing applications, planning construction and performance development, and environmental reports. REAP TAG funds may not include, but are not limited to, payments for construction-related activities, funding of political or lobbying activities, or purchase of lease equipment.

Name Contact State
Agripower Solar, LLC Name: Aaron Pace
Phone: 801-870-7662
Email: aaron@agripowersolar.com
Website: agripowersolar.com
Agritech Energy, LLC Name: Dana Koppes
Phone: 209-650-3490
Email: dana@agritechenergy.com
Americounsel, LLC
Name: Yamil Jaskille
Phone: 202-288-7135
Email: reap@americounsel.com
Puerto Rico
Atlas Consulting Services Name: Zachary Peek
Phone: 530-715-0213
Email: zpeek@atlasenergyconsulting.com
Arkansas, Mississippi, New Jersey, Virgin Islands
Blue Pheonix Consulting, LLC Name: Samual Green
Phone: 334-413-1906 and 334-246-1892
Email: info@bluephoenixconsulting.org
Boise State University Name: Robert Buel
Phone: 208-426-3858
Email: robertbuel@techhelp.org
Borincana Foundation Inc. Name: Gil Schmidt
Phone: 914-552-7220
Email: reapgroup@fundacionborincana.org
Puerto Rico
Brown Irrigation and Electrical, LLC Name: Jaye Brown
Phone: 478-892-3697
Email: jbrown@brownirrigation.com
Center For Ecotechnology, Inc. Name: Megan Denardo
Phone: 413-458-5688
Email: lorenzo.macaluso@cetonline.org
Website: massfarmenergy.com
Clean Energy Districts of Iowa Name: Andy Johnson
Phone: 563-382-4207
Email: andy@energydistrict.org
Clean Energy New Hampshire Name: Sam Evans-Brown
Phone: 603-226-4732
Email: sam@cleanenergynh.org
New Hampshire
Cogent Strategies, LLC Name: Timothy Wolff
Phone: 607-351-9606
Email: tim@cogentstrategies.us
Colorado Department of Agriculture Name: Hollis Glenn
Email: cda_aero@state.co.us 
Website: https://ag.colorado.gov/conservation/agricultural-drought-and-climate-resilience-office-adcro/agricultural-energy
Connecticut RC&D Area Inc. Name: Jocelyn Lahey
Phone: 860-774-0224
Email: jguszkowski@gmail.com
Cooperativa Hidroelectrica de la Montana Name: Ana M. Ruiz
Phone: 787-894-8788
Email: reap@cooperativahidroelectrica.coop
Puerto Rico
Cooperative Development Services Inc. Name: Kevin L. Edberg
Phone: 651-265-3678
Email: kedberg@cdsus.coop
Ecojiva, LLC Name: Jyothi Puli
Phone: 248-218-4403
Email: jyothi@ecojiva.com
Ecology Action of Santa Cruz Name: Michelle Tell & Petere Cooke
Phone: 831-515-1386
Email: reap@ratioinstitute.org
Website: https://ratioinstitute.org/store-level-assessment/
Arkansas, Florida, Maryland, Vermont
EIM, LLC Name: Jane Boone
Phone: 317-228-0134
Email: info@eimgrants.com
Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Mississippi
Energy Hunters Inc. Name: Hong Zhang Durandal
Phone: 281-414-2387
Email: info@energy-hunters.com
Ensave Inc. Name: Craig Metz
Phone: 802-434-1822
Email: Craigm@ensave.com
North Carolina
Entero Energy of Virginia LLC DBA Sunday Solar Name: Grace Clair
Phone: 434-977-4292
Email: hello@sundaysolar.com
Website: sundaysolar.com
Farm Credit East, ACA Name: Heather Lapierre
Phone: 860-741-4380
Email: heather.lapierre@farmcrediteast.com
New Jersey, Vermont
GDS Associates Inc. Name: Matt Siska
Phone: 603-391-0035
Email: matt.siska@gdsassociates.com
Golden Triangle Resource Conservation Name: Rhonda Gordon
Phone: 229-723-3841
Email: rgordon@goldentrianglercd.org
Green Edison Inc. Name: Brock Thompson
Phone: 217-370-1436
Email: thompson.brock12@gmail.com
Website: gredison.com
Hoosier Energy Rural Electric Cooperative Name: Blake Kleaving
Phone: 812-876-0389
Email: bkleaving@hepn.com
HSI Solar, LLC Name: Becky Pettit
Phone: 315-292-0167
Imperial Regional Alliance Inc. Name: Timothy Kelley
Phone: 760-353-8332
Email: tim@ivedc.com
Information Insights Inc. Name: Jamie Hansen
Phone: 907-450-2450
Email: jamie@iialaska.com
Innovative Power & Control Solutions, LLC Name: Greg Stephan
Phone: 720-419-9388
Email: info@usdareapgranthelp.com
Arkansas, Mississippi
Kansas State University Name: Paul Lowe
Phone: 785-532-6804
Email: research@k-state.edu
Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation Name: Stephen Taylor
Phone: 606-864-5175
Email: staylor@khic.org
Lattice Energy Solutions, LLC Name: Brett Sikes
Phone: 912-532-6682
Email: brett@latticeenergysolutions.com
Leswee, LLC Name: Taylor Lee
Phone: 973-433-6165
Email: t.lee@leswee.us
Lightshed, LLC Name: Alex Arnold
Phone: 828-649-5101
Email: alex@lightshed.us
Florida, Tennessee
Local First Arizona Foundation Phone: 602-956-0909
Email: kimber@localfirstazfoundation.com
Logan County Economic Development Council Name: Kellian Schneider
Phone: 405-877-0220
Email: kellian@logancountyedc.org
Wanda Jean Lord Name: Wanda Jean Lord
Phone: 661-348-2926
Email: wandajean@lord-and-associates.com
Rhode Island
Louisiana State University Name:  Michael Hayes, Ph.D.
Phone: 225-578-7555
Email: mhayes@agcenter.lsu.edu
Louisiana Tech University Name: Kathy Wyatt
Phone: 318-257-3537
Email: kwyatt@latech.edu
Maryland Clean Energy Center Name: Amy Gillespie
Phone: 301-314-6091
Email: agillespie@mdcleanenergy.org
Website: https://www.mdcleanenergy.org/reap/
Megan Blazak Consulting, LLC Name: Megan Blazak
Phone: 808-313-0904
Email: mblazak@gmail.com
Michigan Department of EGLE Name: Edward Willoughby
Phone: 517-373-3688
Minority Economic Development Initiative Name: Henry Snorton III
Phone: 270-885-8885
Email: hsnorton@medisuccess.org
Missouri Clean Energy District Name: John Cannon Harris
Phone: 573-592-9105
Email: jharris@mced.mo.gov
Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation Name: Robert Friend
Phone: 651-292-4650
Email: rfriend@mnchamber.com
Montana Department of Agriculture Name: Aly Townsend
Phone: 406-444-5424
Email: a.townsend@mt.gov
Morton Solar & Wind, LLC Name: Bradley David Morton
Phone: 812-453-1924
Email: contact@mortonsolar.com
Mountain Association for Community Economic Development Name: Carrie Ray
Phone: 859-671-0217
Email: carrie@mtassociation.org
Mountain Valleys RC&D Council Inc. Name: Mariah Hughes
Phone: 828-206-6159
Email: mariah@mountainvalleysrcd.org
North Carolina
National Center for Appropriate Technology Name: Anna Adair
Phone: 406-723-7582
Email: annaa@ncat.org
Nebraska Public Power District Name: Nancy Schulz
Phone: 402-644-3267
Email: neschul@nppd.com
Nevada System of Higher Education Name: Tom Simpkins
Phone: 775-784-4040
Email: ospadmin@unr.edu
Website: manufacturenevada.com
North Carolina State University Name: Art Samberg
Phone: 919-515-5959
Email: asamber@ncsu.edu
North Carolina
Nuvista Light & Electric Cooperative Inc. Name: Sean Glasheen
Phone: 907-545-0544
Email: stglasheen@nuvistacoop.org
NW Energy Coalition, LLC Name: Jody Harris
Phone: 405-614-2778
Email: jody@nwenergycoalition.com

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
Name: Todd Baldyga
Phone: 518-862-1090
Email: todd.baldyga@nyserda.ny.gov
Website: REAP Technical Assistance Program (RTAP) - NYSERDA
New York
Oahu Agriculture and Conservation Association Name: Amanda Shaw
Phone: 808-429-5310
Email: oahuaca@gmail.com
Paro Communities Inc. Name: James Ryan
Phone: 229-272-6079
Email: rwest@parostrategies.com
Partner Community Capital Inc. Name: Maddie Coffman
Phone: 681-252-4306
Email: mjenkins@partnercapital.org
Website: partnercap.org
West Virginia
Pecos Wind Power Inc. Name: Josh Groleau
Phone: 207-745-2231
Email: josh@pecoswindpower.com
Website: pecoswindpower.com
Maine, Vermont
Prost Builders Inc. Name: Vaughn Prost
Phone: 573-635-0211
Email: mandy@mosolarapps.com
RC&D for Northeast Iowa Resource Conservation & Development Inc. Name: Paul Berland
Phone: 563-864-7112
Email: ross@northeastiowarcd.org
Realizing Rural, LLC Name: Jasmin Fosheim
Phone: 605-295-3688
Email: jasmin@realizingrural.com
North Dakota
Regents of New Mexico State University Name:  Kramer Winingham, Ph.D.
Phone: 575-646-1751
Email: jkramer@nmsu.edu
New Mexico
Rhode Island Department of Administration, Office of Energy Resources  Name: Abigail Hasenfus
Phone: 401-574-9117
Email: abigail.hasenfus@energy.ri.gov
Rhode Island
Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc. Name: Lyle Smith
Phone: 907-279-2511
Email: ceo@ruralcap.com
Rural Energy Alliance, LLC Name: Jody Harris
Phone: 405-614-2778
Email: jody@ruralenergyalliance.us
Arkansas, Oklahoma, South Dakota
South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development Name: Ken Harvin
Phone: 843-579-9855 Ext 103
Email: ken@scaced.org
South Carolina
South Carolina State University Name:  Sandra Thompson, Ph.D.
Phone: 803-536-8696 or 803-356-0882
Email: sthomp29@scsu.edu
South Carolina
Seven Rivers Resource, Conservation, and Development Program RC&D Name: Brenda Hallman
Phone: 912-367-7679
Email: sevenrivers@bellsouth.net
Solar Xpress, LLC Name: Elsa Posey
Phone: 605-366-4374
Email: elsasolarx@gmail.com
South Dakota
Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council Name: Luke Sulfridge
Phone: 740-597-7955
Southeastern Arizona Governments Organization Phone: 520-432-9168
Email: rdumas@seago.org
Story's Teamwork, LLC Name: Jimmy Story
Phone: 573-647-0523
Email: jimmy.story58@gmail.com
Sunchoice Solar, LLC Name: William Ferrell
Phone: 385-327-8450
Email: info@sunchoice.us
Sunrise County Economic Council Name: Denise Cilley
Phone: 207-271-8368
Email: crudelitch@sunrisecounty.org
Website: sunrisecounty.org
Sustainable Connections Name: Delaney Skordal
Phone: 360-647-7093
Email: delaney@sustainableconnections.org
Sustainable Engineering, LLC Name: Randy Rankin
Phone: 575-649-1086 
Email: randy.rankin@sustainableeng.energy
New Mexico
Sustaine Inc. Name: Malcolm Smith
Phone: 512-554-5104
Email: malcolm.smith@sustaine.com
Website: sustaine.com
Tapestry International Inc. Name: Kent Wilkinson
Phone: 405-830-2937
Email: kwilkinson@tapestryint.org
Texas A&M University - Kingsville Name:  Hua Li, Ph.D.
Phone: 361-593-4057
Email: hhua.li@tamuk.edu
The Pennsylvania State University Name: John Hanold
Phone: 814-863-4293
Website: Pennsylvania State Contact  or 
Pennsylvania State Locations
The University of Alabama Name: Ph.D. Sean Amini
Phone: 205-222-4176
Email: sean.amini@us.edu
Tiger Solar Company Name: Ryann Coles
Phone: 434-962-0846
Website: tigersolar.com
Tri-State Generation & Transmission Association Name: Reginal Rudolph
Email: onbill@tristategt.org
Website: tristate.coop/programs
University of Kentucky Research Foundation Name: Tyler Barzee
Phone: 859-257-9420
Email: tjbarzee@uky.edu
University of Louisiana at Lafayette Name: Peng "Solomon" Yin
Phone: 337-482-5822
Email: peng.yin@louisiana.edu
University of Minnesota Name: Benjamin Wichterman
Phone: 621-626-4982
Email: awards@umn.edu
Valley Electric Association, LLC Name: Gabe Guzman
Phone: 775-469-0868
Email: gdeguzman@vea.coop
Website: vea.coop
Vets For Youth Name: Jason Bailey
Phone: 512-686-6614
Email: Support@vetsforyouth.com
West Virginia University Research Corporation Name: Ph.D. Ashish Nimbarte
Phone: 304-293-3998
Email: wvusponsoredprograms@mail.wvu.edu
West Virginia
Western Illinois University Board of Trustees Name: Sean Park
Phone: 309-298-2237
Email: ms-park@wiu.edu
Website: https://www.wiu.edu/board_of_trustees/
West Texas A&M University Enterprise Network Name: Joshua Parthepan
Phone: 806-651-2730
Email: jpartheepan@wtamu.edu
Wy’East Resource Conservation and Development Area Council Name: Robert Wallace
Phone: 541-815-5503
Website: WyEast-RCD.org
Wyoming Energy Cooperative Name: Levi Purdum
Phone: 307-349-3918
Email: l.purdum@wyenergycoop.org
Website: https://wyeast-rcd.org/index.html
Zero Emissions Northwest, LLC Name: David Funk
Phone: 509-518-5147
Email: david.funk@zeroemissionsnorthwest.com
Idaho, Washington

Community Facilities Grant Awards

Name Contact State
Rural Hospital Technical Assistance Name: National Rural Health Association
Email: mbell@ruralhealth.us
Website: https://www.ruralhealth.us/programs/resources/rural-hospital-ta-program

Multi-Family Housing Grant Awards

Program Name Provider Contact State
515 Nonprofit Transfer Technical Assistance Enterprise Community Partners
Phone: 303-376-5418
Email: mbell@ruralhealth.us
Website: https://www.enterprisecommunity.org/
Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Virgin Islands, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Wyoming
515 Nonprofit Transfer Technical Assistance The Genesis Fund
Phone: 207-844-2035 x14
Email: egan@genesisfund.org
Website: https://genesisfund.org/
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont
515 Nonprofit Transfer Technical Assistance Housing Assistance Council Phone: 207-596-0033
Email: Kristin@ruralhome.org
Website: https://ruralhome.org/
Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virgin Islands, Washington, Wyoming
Off-Farm Labor Housing Technical Assistance  Community Resources and Housing Development Corporation Phone: 720-475-5753
Email: kim.s@crhdc.org
Website: https://crhdc.org/
Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Wyoming
Off-Farm Labor Housing Technical Assistance  Tierra del Sol Housing Corporation Phone: 575-541-0477 or
Email: roseg@tdshc.org or
Website: https://tdshc.org/
Arizona, Georgia, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Texas 

Single Family Housing Grant Awards

Program Name Provider Contact State
Mutual Self-Help Housing Program Florida Non-Profit Housing, Inc.
Phone: 863-385-2519
Email: info@fnph.org
Website: https://www.fnph.org
Mutual Self-Help Housing Program LIFT Community Action Agency, Inc.
Phone: 580-326-3351
Email: becky.reynolds@liftca.org
Website: https://www.liftca.org
Mutual Self-Help Housing Program NeighborGood Partners Phone: 302-678-9400
Email: jlordan@neighborgoodpartners.org
Website: https://www.neighborgoodpartners.org/
Mutual Self-Help Housing Program Rural Community Assistance Corporation Phone: 916-447-2854
Email: rkempke@rcac.org
Website: https://www.rcac.org