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Success Stories

Look at Those Homeownership Smiles!

Vicki Schurman
The Tangeman Family


Rebecca Tangeman and her three children had resided in the home she owned in Topeka, Kansas for 10 years. Due to transitions, she moved to Norfolk, Nebraska in the summer of 2013 back to the roots of where she grew up and had also been a graduate from Wayne State College. In Norfolk she is renting a 947 square foot house with three bedrooms and one bath. The rental needs updating and repairs. There is no central air and many of the windows are not able to be opened. Additionally there is not a dishwasher. The layout of the home is not open which makes for a cramped living space. Living on one income it has been a struggle to find housing that would fit into her budget, be move-in ready, and not in need of significant repairs.

While living in Topeka, Rebecca knew a few friends that were able to become homeowners through the Habitat for Humanity. They spoke highly of the program. Rebecca filled out the application for the Habitat for Humanity which led her to become aware of the partnership between Rural Development, Nebraska Department of Economic Development, and Northeast Economic Development District.

Rural Development partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Norfolk and the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED), via grant funding from Nebraska Affordable Trust Funds, to provide up to $30,000 in down payment assistance and closing costs. The grant to Habitat for Humanity is being administered by Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District (NENEDD). Rural Development is providing the remaining funds.

Rebecca and Sevastian 13 yrs. old, Savina 12 yrs. old, and Sevonte who is 10 yrs. old are all excited about their new neighborhood and all the new friends to make. They are now close by to their relatives and have the opportunity to see them more often, whereas in Topeka it was only a couple times a year. Rebecca is excited to be a homeowner again. She looks forward to building equity and personalizing the property as her own. What Rebecca thought was only a dream leaves her with words she cannot express. She has a great appreciation for all who were involved to make her dream come true. The home was completed in the Spring of 2018.

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