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Success Stories

Loving Living The Peaceful Life

Vicki Schurman

Growing up in the country on a 20 acre farm near Augusta, Kansas, Steve Lewis was used to having plenty of space for his automotive hobby.  After his divorce he resided at a one bedroom apartment that was so noisy from other tenants, the I-80 and the airport.  Steve wanted to find a home in a small peaceful town with plenty of garage space to work on cars.

Professional Mortgage Services in Nebraska City and Bernard Real Estate went to the moon and back to help Steve buy a home.  Having been through a lengthy and expensive divorce created a lot more paperwork than normal. Professional Mortgage Services worked tirelessly going through all the paperwork to make sure everything was in order and found a mortgage loan backed by a USDA Rural Development guarantee that was perfect for him.

Steve was actually looking at a house in Falls City, Nebraska to be closer to his family in the Kansas City area, and to his kids living in the Wichita, Kansas area, but on a first time visit to Humboldt, Nebraska he saw the house he had always dreamed of. The home contains everything he wanted, it is grand Victorian home, built in 1860 and has so much amazing, beautiful character inside.  The house was sold with nearly one half of an acre of land featuring a 24 foot x 32 foot garage.  The barn has a workshop inside, plenty of room to work on his cars.  The rest of the barn has an incredible hay loft, full of the wonderful 1860’s charm.  Steve knows that he is very fortunate to be able to work from home in peace and quiet.  He is loving living in a small town, with friendly people, great values, and is just what he considers true Americana.  It’s like he grew up there and had lived there all his life.  The house is the same way, everything in it is so familiar and comfortable and there’s been no getting used to things in the home.  Smiling, his bonus after 43 years is that he is marrying his high school sweetheart.  His home will be their sanctuary where they will have a wonderful life together.


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