My dream came true and so can yours

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Karen Lawson
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Britni Auzenne, a single mother of a two-year old, had been renting for years. Her dream was to make homeownership a reality.

Britni, determined and hardworking, moved in with relatives to save money in hopes of one day having enough for a down payment on a new home.

Although her income was decent, it was extremely difficult for Britni to find a loan with affordable rates and terms. After searching and talking to many banks, mortgage companies, and others about homeownership, she found out about the USDA Rural Development Direct Housing Program. She was very surprised to find out that the program did not require a down payment and that the monthly payments were affordable based on her income.

She made a visit to one of the field offices and met with the local specialist to see what was needed to qualify for the program.  Britni was excited when she left. The requirements were not difficult. She returned shortly thereafter and submitted an application. Britni was ecstatic when she received notification that her application was approved. She immediately went to work to find a local builder to work on plans to build her dream home. Her hard work, determination, dedication, and desire for something better, paid off.

Ms. Auzenne was so pleased with Rural Development and has become a source for referring others to the program. She stated, “I found USDA after prayer and in hope of having my own home. It is a fair and effective program. There are options to build or find a pre-existing home. USDA provides 100 percent financing, according to your income and credit. If you aren’t where you need to be, they can help get you there. You provide the information needed and they take care of the rest. My daughter and I are now in our very own new home. Thanks USDA and blessings to all!”


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Date of ObligationSeptember 2014
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