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Success Stories

Neighborhood Revitalization in Rural Mississippi

Megan Patrick
rural development, rural development mississippi, homeownerhsip, neighborhood revitalization, yazoo city

The Esther Stewart Buford Foundation (ESBF) is a local nonprofit and Community Development Housing Organization located in Yazoo City, Mississippi. They have partnered with Rural Development to administer Self-Help Housing grants from Rural Development for over 15 years. It came to the attention of the organization that Pierce St. in Yazoo City had become a dilapidated and abandoned street. To curb this problem, the foundation partnered with Rural Development to completely redevelop the street with single family homes through the single family housing section 523 self-help program.

Through the diligent efforts of ESBF, working hand in hand with City and County officials, a previous eyesore known as Pierce Street is now a vibrant neighborhood. This project allows Yazoo City residents to realize the American dream – home ownership and at the same time revitalize a community in Yazoo City. ESBF continues their work in the Yazoo County Community. Just recently, ESBF was approved for their 5th consecutive grant in the amount of $326,700 to construct fourteen new homes in the Yazoo County area.


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