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Success Stories

Never Give Up!

Danielle Ehlers

Mr. Joel Mendez Santiago heard about Homes in Partnership through a close friend and decided to take a chance. Previously, Mr. Mendez tried with several failed attempts to get a home loan and due of his credit history  and collections it became a road block.

Mr. Mendez  stated that he realized his family had grown and he needed to provide a decent and safe place for them. Mr. Mendez began working with Homes in Partnership Inc., October 2017,  along with his Housing Specialist Irma Aguirre and Amber Steed, of USDA Rural Development.  They began working  towards getting  Mr. Mendez mortgage qualified ready. Over several months, Mr. Mendez  worked hard with both agencies to improve his credit and the removal of his collection debt.

In February 2018 Mr. Mendez was finally mortgage ready. He began working with his loan processor Marta Castellano. His file was submitted to USDA on March 15th, 2018. The USDA was able to facilitate a seamless process to get him approved and closed. During the process Mr. Mendez attended the homebuyer education courses to get him prepared in this new journey towards homeownership.

The Davenport Area Office is continuously striving to ensure they are providing rural families the means to affordable housing become a reality. When rural America thrives, all America thrives.

Mr. Mendez closed on his home on July 24th, 2018 as you can see in the picture above his family couldn’t be happier to see this day.

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