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Success Stories

New Community Center, New Library, New Outlook

Vicki Schurman
Community Facilities
Byron Library Chairs

The Village of Byron, a community of 83, was given a grand opportunity to bring new life back into the community. Through a donation from a local resident it was able to build a much needed community center.  This building would also house the Village Hall and the library.  The library currently was in a one room, uninsurable brick building that was deteriorating and nearing a shut down. New equipment was needed for the newly built center.

With the help of a $50,000 USDA Rural Development Grant the Village was able to furnish the new library with shelves that were built by a local carpenter. Other library equipment was added including chairs and books. Tables, chairs and some kitchen equipment were purchased for events in the community or to enable renting the center. The Village contributed $16,700 towards the $66,700 project.

The Village residents now go into a nice building that is American with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible and check out whatever type of media they would like. The residents can also rent the building for events such as receptions or graduations. Movie nights and community dinners are also held in the center. The project was completed in the summer of 2015 and has been enjoyed by the community since then.

Obligation Amount:
$50,000 Grant
Year(s) of Obligation:
Congressional District: