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Success Stories

New Cot Increases Efficiency for Volunteer First Responders

Sara Pierce
Community Facilities
Power cot

The Harrison, Neb. voluntary rescue unit’s ambulance had an old cot that was not electric and required emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to wait for additional help to load and unload a patient. Often, the wait was long due to few volunteers being available. The rescue unit’s vast rural coverage area made it even more challenging, losing crucial time.

USDA Rural Development assisted to purchase and install a power cot through a community facilities grant of $31,800 leveraged with Harrison voluntary rescue unit’s contribution of $10,680.

The power cot and fastener system were equipped into the village’s ambulance in October 2018.  It assists rescue personnel to immediately transport patients suffering from substance overdose, physical or mental health emergencies, farming and car accidents to the hospital. The number of rescue personnel needed to complete the transport has decreased.  Time is vital in transporting a patient especially when the nearest hospital is an hour away from the village.

The rescue equipment was funded with Community Facilities grant funds through the opioid initiative for rural communities. 


Obligation Amount:
$31,800 Grant
Year(s) of Obligation:
Congressional District: